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Total Customer Experience for Manufacturers

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Digital experiences, made to order for manufacturing.

To stay current and build loyalty, manufacturers must deliver a Total Customer Experience. Avanade brings together Sitecore composability with Microsoft integration to create a DXP that delivers CX across all channels.


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There is an ongoing shift in the manufacturing industry towards customer-centricity. Great customer experience is no longer a brand differentiator, but a ‘must have’ to remain competitive. Manufacturers that embrace customer centricity are better positioned to meet customer, partner, and distributor expectations, create long-lasting relationships and grow revenue. By investing in the Total Experience and using data to create relevant, personalized omnichannel experiences, you can connect with customers at every touchpoint across their journey.

Avanade’s all-encompassing approach combines Sitecore composable technology with in-depth technical Microsoft expertise to create a digital experience platform (DXP) that’s tailor-made for your business. We’ll deeply integrate just what your business needs with solutions for streamlined content, personalized experiences, and elevated commerce – underpinned by quality to deliver real impact at speed.

Put customers at the core of your manufacturing business.

Technology advancements, sustainability concerns, and the need to stand out in a competitive market is driving customer experience in manufacturing. Customers expect B2C experiences when engaging with B2B enterprises. Manufacturers that position themselves to meet these expectations stand to create long-lasting relationships that generate greater revenue and increase customer lifetime value.

Achieving Total Experience that delivers across commerce, marketing, sales, and service requires the tools to share content that addresses the needs of multiple decision makers – driving engagement across digital channels by providing the right information to the right visitors at the right time.

Avanade’s advisory, experience, and technology capabilities combine with the Sitecore stack and Microsoft integration to create a DXP that drives operational efficiencies and automation. So, manufacturers can rapidly deliver timely, personalized omnichannel experiences at every stage of the customer journey.


TX delivers value to the business and the customer

Avanade helps manufacturers deliver personalized experiences that support customer growth while reducing operating costs and technology debt.


Improved retention

Audience-focused omnichannel experiences improve customer retention and loyalty. While intelligent insights and the creation of high-value loyalty programs, help predict and reduce churn.


Data-driven insights

Access unified customer data and first-party data strategies to enhance reporting and business insights.


Automation efficiency

Automate marketing processes with generative AI and utilize it to navigate the move away from third-party cookies.


Sales support

Use improved customer segmentation to identify high-value customers and support sales reps with a unified set of digital tools, demand data, and marketing automation.


Intelligent customer journeys

Rapidly enhance and streamline the customer journey with generative AI.


Align to Microsoft

Integration with Azure, Dynamics 365 (DCCP, Marketing, Sales and CI), and Power BI unlocks even greater value from your DXP.

Make TX your business advantage

Start your TX journey with Avanade’s support

1. Getting started

Tailored solutions begin with conversations. Discussing manufacturing trends, we'll help accelerate growth, focusing on customer needs. Schedule a 45-min stakeholder meeting for insights and demonstrated successes.

2. Discover

Join a half-day workshop for a chance to uncover opportunities and align your transformation with key business objectives. The roadmap will guide your Total Experience strategy, defining business case, vision, and expected ROI.

3. Prove the value

We will bring our experts together for a 4-6 week engagement – aimed at co-creating your experience strategy, business case and roadmap.

4. Manage and evolve

Going forward, we can manage the key systems that support your digital experience, evolving the platform based on KPIs and changing market and customer expectations.

Manufacturers’ guide to Total Customer Experience

Learn how to transform experiences across commerce, customer services, marketing, and sales.

Download the pdf here
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