Content Velocity

Optimize content experience for real customer growth

Accelerate individualized content experiences and be a leader in asset management. With Avanade`s Content Velocity Accelerator, you can create personalized content experiences now and for the future.
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Optimize your digital asset management process, including planning, collaboration, and content launch from scratch. Avanade's exclusive 8-week accelerator sets you on the path to Content Velocity and success.

Now, you can swiftly configure and launch Sitecore Content Hub to keep up with the ever increasing pressure on content development sophistication, speed, and personalization.

Centralize and streamline your digital asset management to save time and money, enhance workflow efficiency and accuracy, and ensure the appropriate assets are used correctly. With an Avanade Content Velocity solution, you can quickly and effectively create, manage, and distribute your content.

Stay ahead of your competition and meet target audience demands.

Accelerate the design, configuration, and deployment of Sitecore Content Hub through Avanade’s Content Velocity Accelerator program.

With this accelerator, you can obtain an advanced digital asset management platform that prioritizes team productivity and ensures a rapid and responsive time-to-market, that enables a global-ready consistent brand through automation, workflow, and much more.

Overcome these business challenges with the Content Velocity Accelerator:

  • Configure and launch Sitecore Content Hub more rapidly.
  • Manage assets with a process customized for your business.
  • Increase asset searchability with a tailored taxonomy and facet.
  • Address user needs for custom security and easy access.
  • Enhance time-to-market through bulk asset management.
  • Automate media processing for multiple omnichannel alignment.
  • Leverage best practices to build a strong foundation for your long-term business goals.


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Successful implementation requires a holistic program to realize results

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Definition of the program and prioritization of needs and capabilities in your ecosystem to deliver best-in-class capabilities along a supported roadmap and value case
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Recognize and plan for the organizational and individual change processes that DAM brings.

Develop mature communication, training, and measurement for successful adoption, planning for role changes and organizational change management.
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Set up the standards, policies, processes, organizational support, and metrics to ensure control and compliance without rigidity.
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Content excellence

Design a sustainable operation based on best practices and business priorities. Identify enhancements and measurements to improve efficiencies and reuse.
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Technology implementation

Future-proof investment to the roadmap; ensure scalability, interoperability, flexibility of the platform to grow with your needs that are aligned with vendor capabilities.
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Define and stand up ongoing run-time operational support across technical and functional needs, including librarian and functional expert support.

Creating Content Velocity

Realize content results with an accelerated program
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Data model

The data model is the key to a successful implementation. We will work with you to design and configure a model that meets your requirements.
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Effective implementation needs a well-structured taxonomy and streamlined workflow We will design and configure Content Hub to meet your requirements.
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Security model

We will connect your current IAM solution to Sitecore Content Hub. This will provide users and groups access to Content Hub with applicable system access.
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Solution optimization

We will work with you to define a holistic blueprint detailing the approach and solution roadmap for future phases, focused on integration and business change.

Content Velocity Accelerator Guide

Be a leader in asset management with our unique enhanced offering to create personalized experiences now and for the future. Download this companion guide to read about the key phases of the Accelerator and how to get started.
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