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The end-to-end full funnel personalization solution

Fusing trusted data intelligence and professional services from Acxiom, composable marketing technology from Sitecore, and epic brand-led experiences from Acxiom’s IPG network of creative agencies


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Fuse lets you connect with customers on a 1:1 level by leveraging data and technology to enhance customer insights, personalize experiences, and improve marketing effectiveness.

It helps brands deliver personalized, brand-led customer experiences across the full-funnel, end-to-end customer journey for both paid and owned channels.

Fuse combines enhanced customer intelligence from Acxiom, composable marketing technology from Sitecore, and agile customer experiences from Acxiom’s sister agencies at IPG.

Enable your brand to connect customer data – enriched with deep insights – and activate it at each interaction to make every step of the customer journey exceptional.

What can FUSE bring to your business?

A full 70% of consumers expect targeted digital experiences, yet 67% of brands don’t have the right technology to personalize at scale. Technology alone will not solve this problem.

Success requires insights, including behavioral and lifestyle enrichment data, the right technology to unify, segment and target, agile CX design, and an overriding focus on tried-and-tested measurement and performance. Plus, all of this must be wrapped in privacy by design.

Fuse delivers through its ternary of connected data, architecture, and experience services:

Enhanced customer intelligence
Powered by Acxiom InfoBase®, FUSE accesses the world’s largest trusted customer data resource to create intelligence that informs personalization. And with Acxiom's Real Identity®, brands can enrich unified Sitecore-based profiles to get a wider view of their customers.

Composable marketing technology
Acxiom seamlessly connects the power of identity with Sitecore’s integrated suite of tools, allowing marketers to focus on quality over quantity. Powered by the Sitecore® Experience Platform™, FUSE enables Sitecore CDP, CMS, Content Hub, and Send to integrate enriched customer profiles directly into the martech ecosystem using Acxiom InfoBase®.

Agile customer experience
Acxiom and its sister agencies in the IPG Network are global leaders in CX design, data layer design and activation, marketing ecosystem configuration, and optimization, using the power of the brand to deliver exceptional experiences.

Fuse enables brands to provide more valuable and connected customer experiences using an end-to-end solution that combines the power of Sitecore composable technology with enriched customer data powered by InfoBase and experience design best practice from across the IPG network.

Sparkling digital connections

The story behind FUSE.

Dean Lanzman, Head of Data MullenLowe, Jo Tyrer President of Strategic Solutions Sitecore and Mike Menzer Acxiom President discuss the story behind FUSE, where it came from and how the composable solution can enable brands to deliver a unified approach to delivering personalisation, and a fast time to value.

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The end-to-end personalization solution

Discover why personalization is a business necessity and what it takes to truly know your customers: from enriched data to a relentless focus on measurement and performance.

Personalized brand-led epic experiences

FUSE – Spark digital connections with value

Personalized standout experiences that deliver value in just three months


Speed to market

Designed to complement existing tech, no need to rip and replace – delivering value in just three months.


Enriched data

Enriched, cleansed and ID resolved data intelligence to inform standout digital experience, activation across all tech stacks in one Sitecore DXP solution



We enable brands to optimize how they work with major players such as Google, Meta, and our multidisciplinary team currently delivers outstanding personalization for a broad range of clients.


One point of contact

Simplified processes, accessible and with no gray areas or in-house roles and responsibilities, FUSE makes it easy to manage complex solutions in a clean, hassle-free way.

Introducing Fuse, the full-funnel personalization solution

See how Fuse combines Acxiom’s enhanced digital intelligence with composable DXP technology from Sitecore and exceptional digital experiences from across IPG group.

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Get in touch to find out more about FUSE

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