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Headless Personalize

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The best-of-breed experimentation and personalization solution that fits your existing marketing ecosystem.

Headless Personalize combines Acxiom’s implementation expertise to deploy Sitecore Personalize with your existing CDP. Enable a library of outcome-driven marketing use cases that supercharge your return on investment.


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Designed for brands already using a CDP, Headless Personalize layers unified data intelligence and implementation services from Acxiom with Sitecore Personalize.

Exploiting your existing CDP technology, Headless Personalize connects customer data from disparate sources in your business, enhances it and brings it all into one place to make it ready to be used for decisioning, NBA and experimentation for personalization efforts.

Headless Personalize empowers businesses by allowing them to seamlessly manage customer experiences, deliver personalized web and app experiences based on customer data, and provide appropriate content throughout the buying journey. It also supports marketing compliance requirements, ensuring businesses can navigate privacy regulations while still delivering personalized experiences. Additionally, Headless Personalize enables businesses to trigger personalized next-best actions and offers, enhancing customer engagement and driving conversions.

No need to rip and replace - deploy Sitecore Personalize in your existing tech stack with Acxiom.

What can Headless Personalize bring to your business?

Headless Personalize enables your business to deliver:

Full Stack A/B Test Optimization
Front-end flexibility, developer-friendly tools, and a no-flicker UI make it simple to update content and maintain SEO.

Connected customer experiences
Build conversion and engagement experiments on any channel with both client-side and server-side integrations.

Customer and business awareness
Balance customer needs and business priorities to recommend next-best actions in real time.

In-the-moment marketing
Use live data to respond with relevant content, offers, prices, discounts, and customer-tailored experiences and actions in real time.

Lightning-fast performance
Create instant personalized experiences with modern, edge-based services built for speed

Headless Personalize enables your business to speed up your time to value and deliver transformative, customer-focused digital experiences in real time.

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Headless Personalize – Every interaction matters

Personalized stand out experiences


No need to rip and replace

Compose a best-of-breed marketing technology stack tailored to your needs, not limiting you to a pre-defined set of vendors that may not be the right choice for your business


Best-of-breed personalization technology

Don’t settle for less - deliver data-driven personalization on any channel and on any device through Sitecore Personalize


Optimized martech stack

Optimize your technologies to complement each other based on your marketing use cases and not on your technology choices


Expertise across the stack

The IPG group of agencies offer a complete Sitecore digital experience capability.

What is Headless Personalize?

Our brochure will guide you through the four easy steps your brand can take with Acxiom and Sitecore to optimize your existing martech stack including CDP to drive your ROMI: Collect, Ingest, Connect, and Optimize.

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Discover Headless Personalize

Watch the introductory video to see how Headless Personalize delivers a best-in-breed marketing technology ecosystem

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