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Merkle CXM

Drive next-generation loyalty by delivering a total customer experience

Merkle Customer Experience Management specialize in the delivery of unique, personalized customer experiences for organizations using Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize


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Understanding the ways your company thinks, plans, and delivers unique personal conversations is critical. Success is found through the design and implementation of customer-centric digital marketing, commerce, and service experiences that are contextually relevant and personally informed.

Merkle CXM are the largest decisioning specialists in EMEA and have delivered 50+ decisioning deployments over the last 16 years with extensive experience in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Travel, Insurance, and Gaming industries.

Merkle CXM help clients maximize the performance and value delivered by their Sitecore Personalize and Sitecore CDP solutions by providing industry-leading thought leadership, deep technical subject matter expertise, project implementation, and ongoing managed service operational support.

Delivering a total customer experience

The development of the joined up and relevant customer communications that underpin a unique customer experience can be limited by:

  • Siloed or offline channels that present inconsistent actions, offers, and messages
  • Offers communicated to customers using broadly segmented messaging with limited personalization
  • Elapsed time between offer decision and offer communication, reducing relevance
  • Customer communication lacking basic contextual understanding

These challenges can be resolved with the use of Sitecore Personalize, which can provide a centralized decisioning capability that can arbitrate across all potential actions for a customer and present the right action for them, in their preferable channel, in real time.

Organizations need to evolve their decisioning capability over time - enabling unique customer experiences while also delivering measurable value to the business. Merkle has a proven track record in providing the Strategy & Advisory, Implementation and Managed Services that organizations require to define and realize their customer experience vision.

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Unique customer experiences require centralized decisioning

Deliver world-class, customer-centric experiences by maximizing the technical capabilities within your Sitecore Personalize solution



Consistent actions, offers, and messages across all channels, including digital


Hyper- personalization

Hyper-personalized 1-to-1 communications, reflecting individual customer needs and motivations


Real time

Real-time offer build and presentation to maximize relevance to the customer


Contextual relevance

Customer communication and offer that’s adapted to reflect current context

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