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RelevantEdge Data Platform

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Get customized insights from Sitecore DXP data using data transformation and BI reporting

Transform Sitecore DX data and empower your stakeholders to make better business and operational decisions across content, segments, campaigns, personalization, conversions and more.


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More than a connector, the RelevantEdge data platform provides an automated, end-to-end solution that transforms data and enables you to go from DX data to live Power BI dashboards in less than a day.

The RelevantEdge data platform programmatically extracts data from different Sitecore databases, transforming and loading to a dedicated SQL database that you host. The pre-built snowflake data model - designed with the extensive knowledge of RelevantEdge specialists -takes care of the data stitching.

The platform programmatically generates templated Power BI reports containing a wide variety of ready-to-use visualizations. The result: faster decisions at a reduced cost.

Make better decisions using data

Unlike aggregated-only analytics, Sitecore DXP collects granular data from sessions, users, personalization and more. This data provides enormous potential that can help stakeholders take better, more informed actions.

What’s more, Sitecore composable solutions typically include integrations with CRM, commerce, ERP, marketing automation, and more. These integrations also contain valuable data that typically remains siloed.

With the RelevantEdge platform, stakeholders can use Power BI to create and filter custom reports to attain granular insights from broad segments. Users can drill down into levels such as organizations, product, and content categories and customers — including integrated data sources.

Well suited for day-to-day analytics as well as deep, customized insights, the RelevantEdge solution provides 20 ready-to-use Power BI dashboards. In addition, users can freely create unlimited dashboards and reports, as well as BI database customizations.

With this approach, costly and time-consuming data engineering is eliminated. Users will dramatically reduce the time from decision to action, as they implement new sites, content, campaigns, and personalized experiences.

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Measure and improve personalization ROI

Visualize the business impact of data-driven and personalized customer experiences using BI



An end-to-end automated data transformation solution that accelerates time to decision-making


Integrated insights

Join any data source to attain insights that combine DX with CRM, commerce, ERP, Google Search Console, email, and more


CDP data lake

Leverage the Sitecore CDP data lake to extend the ROI of personalization and your Sitecore investment


Custom BI reporting

Use Microsoft Power BI (and similar) to enable stakeholders to easily and collaboratively gain customized insights

From DXP Data to Dashboards using RelevantEdge

Learn how you can gain granular insights for personalization attribution, content optimization, integrated CRM and commerce data, CMS governance, and more.

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Custom, granular insights for quantified decision-making

The RelevantEdge data platform provides 20 Power BI dashboards out of the box. On top of that, you can create an unlimited number of dashboards with custom measures, filters, and database modifications.

Measure what matters

Create and track your business-critical KPIs and CDP experiences in one easy-to-use dashboard that can be shared simply using Microsoft 365

Multi-touch attribution

Gain insights from first-touch, assisted-touch and last-touch attribution for content and campaigns, or filter by segments and CDP experiences

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