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Unified Customer Intelligence


Deeper insights, superior service: Know more to serve better

Transform your insights into impact. Elevate customer connections with consistent brand journeys that increase conversions and loyalty.


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Our Unified Customer Intelligence accelerator, crafted by certified Sitecore and Salesforce experts, bridges the CRM/DXP gap, addressing issues of fragmented customer data that hinder personalized experiences and sales/marketing alignment.

This initiative unifies sales, marketing, and service data, enhancing insights and operations. Partnering with you, we develop a customer engagement strategy leveraging Sitecore Connect for seamless integration. In our 4-week engagement, led by certified experts, we conduct stakeholder interviews and system assessments, crafting a unified vision and strategic roadmap.

Expect streamlined data flows, actionable analytics, and precise growth strategies. Empower your brand with unified, timely interactions, rediscovering customers and unlocking relationships' full potential.

Do you truly know your customers?

85% of sellers admit having made likely embarrassing mistakes due to incorrect customer data.

Your customers want a seamless experience across every touchpoint when they engage with your brand. But too often, they’ll get a disjointed brand experience across your channels and their devices.

Fragmented customer data creates a critical divide between sales, marketing, and customer success, leading to misaligned strategies and a poor understanding of customer needs. This disconnect not only weakens targeted marketing efforts but also hampers sales potential, which ultimately impacts the overall customer experience and business growth.

Your digital experience is only as good as the data it relies upon, and your CRM likely holds the data that can make the difference.

By integrating Salesforce and Sitecore data, new opportunities emerge to personalize the customer experience and optimize your revenue operations:

  • Unified Customer Profile, anywhere, anytime
  • Streamlined and consistent content across channels
  • Individualized, connected experiences across touchpoints
  • Informed and accurate lead scoring with a more nuanced understanding of the customer
  • Effective cross-sell recommendation with relevant products at the right time
  • Improved marketing targeting and segmentation, leading to increased conversion rates
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How does it work?

Whilst the Sitecore platform can be at the heart of any business transformation with our industry credentials, our accelerator can help you leverage your Salesforce platform by unifying your customer data to provide consistency at every customer touchpoint.


Financial services

Empower investors with tailored advice and differentiated services in a competitive financial landscape, ensuring compliance with regulations and leveraging customer data for personalized investment strategies.


Professional services

Consolidate client data across multiple touchpoints to create comprehensive client profiles. This enables a deeper understanding of client needs and preferences, facilitating personalized service delivery.



Optimize guest experiences through deep data insights and strategic integrations, ensuring personalized services, elevated satisfaction, and enhanced loyalty, driving unforgettable encounters and repeat engagement.



Transform patient care by leveraging advanced data insights and integrations, offering personalized treatment plans, improved health outcomes, and higher satisfaction, building a foundation for trust and lasting relationships.

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