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Launch your storefront in under 100 days with VSG Impact!

When you need a site now, VSG Impact has “ready to go” assets that allow clients to launch quickly and efficiently in order to capitalize on market opportunities.


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VSG Impact uses the cloud-based, API-first, headless Commerce architecture from Sitecore’s OrderCloud and Discover to allow for unlimited enhancements and extensions for your digital property. VSG Commerce leveraged the VSG Core Assets combined with our VSG Acceleration process to create a website that is quality-tested and nearly complete. Clients are following our Acceleration process to refine best-practice requirements to create unique, branded, feature-rich sites that are ready to hit the market. This process accelerates development time of a typical online commerce implementation, with substantial cost savings as well.

The Future of commerce implementations

Simply put, our VSG Impact Accelerator saves you Time and Money – all while providing a customized commerce platform for B2B and B2C customers.

Get a jump on the competition and get to market faster with your products and services by launching your storefront with VSG Impact for Sitecore’s OrderCloud. With this platform, developers are empowered to build customer experiences using their preferred architectures. Additionally, the ability to connect with the back-end through API calls allows businesses to use different databases and reuse components. All this enables companies to incorporate limitless customizations and features such as order management, omnichannel management, product catalogs, inventory visibility, pricing, and customer data management.

Future-proof your website with this commerce platform that will scale with your business and provide unlimited customizations.

A customized commerce platform for B2B and B2C customers

Get to market faster when you launch your storefront via VSG Impact with limitless customizations and features.



Limitless customizations and endless flexibility help scale your business to new levels in just 100 days.



Use the AI technology from Sitecore Discover to deliver real-time personalized product recommendations, search results, and merchandising based on each shopper’s purchase intent.


Multi-site Implementation

“Ready-to-go” multi-site capabilities include multi-language, multi-catalog, and multi-currency functionality.


API Headless Architecture

API headless architecture connects ERP and CMS solutions, providing ease of use for business users - allowing for customization and flexibility, SEO integration, and scalability.

VSG Impact

VSG Commerce created VSG Impact to help clients save time and money – all while providing a customized commerce platform for both B2B and B2C businesses. Learn how our Accelerator site can enhance your next Sitecore Commerce, content or experience project.

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Take a peek at your next site

See the functionality of your future site including personalization, search, commerce, My Account and Admin capabilities in our demo video.

Create personalized, branded, feature-rich sites with VSG Impact

Learn more below about the variety of ways in which VSG Impact can enhance your site.


Expand internationally faster with VSG Impact’s multi-site capabilities that allow for flexibility in pricing, language, currency, and more.

Discover’s AI

Discover’s AI capabilities improve the relevance of search results, allowing shoppers to find products faster.

Merchandising Admin

Customize product information with long descriptions, multi-media assets, inventory, pricing and availability information, and more through the Merchandising Admin.

Analytics Dashboard

Easily view and filter analytics right on the Dashboard in the Admin Console.

Start building individualized shopping experiences


Search & Personalization

VSG Impact provides tailored personalization to your users via Sitecore Discover’s AI capabilities that deliver the most relevant search results and product merchandising based on a shopper’s purchase intent – all in real-time.


Headless CMS

VSG Impact utilizes a content-first approach with full API’s to access and display content in any way desired. Save money and future-proof your application with headless CMS that supports omnichannel architectures.

Merchandising Admin

Merchandising capabilities range from long product descriptions that may include multi-media assets, to inventory, pricing, and availability information. VSG Impact and OrderCloud provide the functionality you need to deliver products to shoppers in the way you desire.

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