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True insights in a cookieless world

It’s all in the detail. This has never been more true, as brands strive to deliver the personalized experiences customers expect.

Looking to the future with first-party data

The death of third-party cookies could have a big impact on companies who rely heavily on third-party data strategies. But this change is all about putting the customer first and that’s what Sitecore is all about too.

We’re looking to the future with first-party data and the future is bright. With a first-party data strategy, you can make the most of deeper customer insights, connected customer journeys, and intelligent personalization.


First-party vs. Third-party data

The difference between first-party and third-party data and why first-party data could be the key to powerful personalized experiences and building true loyalty with your customers.

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Quick guide

Because we’re all individuals

What will a cookieless world look like and can digital marketing survive? Understand how you can prepare for the new era of digital marketing and deliver seamless personalization with our quick guide to the cookieless world.

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The cookieless world


It’s in the subtle differences

Goodbye cookies, hello customer insights and personalization. Discover six reasons why we believe the loss of third-party cookie data is not the end of the world and how first-party data can drive smarter marketing.

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The cookieless world

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