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Sitecore Connect

API integrations, remastered

Merge Sitecore solutions with an expanding universe of API-first platforms. Experience seamless, intuitive, and dynamic API integrations. 

The unified Sitecore API integration platform

Close the gap between content, insights, and actions

Leverage the strength of interconnected systems and API integration to maximize data potential and simplify operations.

  • Sitecore universal integrations

    Seamlessly merge Sitecore products through API integrations with a vast array of applications including SaaS solutions, enhancing operational synergy and broadening market reach.

  • Intuitive marketing automation

    Empower marketers with a visual canvas for data, marketing, and business process automation. Utilize preexisting connectors, drag-and-drop blocks for integrating conditions, actions, and more across your customer experience tech stack.

  • Adaptive data transfer points

    Commence data communication from varied initiation points, including system triggers, schedules, webhooks, external APIs, or even Slack bots, optimizing data flow flexibility.

  • Intelligent data mapping

    Benefit from smart, predictive data entity mapping, complemented with manual drag-and-drop field mapping when specificity is needed.

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  • Proactive monitoring dashboard

    Oversee all projects and automation recipes using active control dashboards, ensuring any potential issues are identified and rectified promptly for uninterrupted operations.

  • Join the community

    Move faster with access to thousands of community-contributed automation recipes.

Global brands trust Sitecore for their digital transformation

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Amplify your digital transformation efforts

Benefit from the power of integration and collaboration

Seamlessly bring together your marketing tools, content systems, and customer data. Experience enhanced workflows, accelerated lead conversions, and precisely coordinated product launches.


Asset discovery and team collaboration

Streamline your campaign management by integrating CMS, digital asset tools, and creative platforms. Link asset keywords and metadata to campaign tools, CRM, and sales systems.

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Accelerated lead conversion process

By integrating your DXP platform with your marketing tools and CRM, instantly get enriched data after receiving a lead. Engage designated SDRs or AEs early with actions executed in under 5 minutes and achieve a tenfold increase in lead-to-conversions results. 

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Unified product launches

Launch products with unparalleled precision using Sitecore's DXP. From content on XM Cloud, to personalized campaigns via Personalize, and immediate customer feedback through CDP, everything is integrated seamlessly with your martech stack. 

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Explore Connect

Discover the potential of seamless integrations, intuitive data automation, user-friendly editing, and intelligent dashboards.

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"With a headless Sitecore platform, we’ve streamlined booking and leveraged personalization to transform the user experience across our websites and mobile app, all within tight deadlines. These improvements have led to more site traffic, increased cross-sales, and higher conversion rates to boost our online revenues."

Raed Kuhail, Executive Director of Digital and Technology, Miral

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The value of integration


Organizations foresee APIs to be major contributors to their revenue growth.


Enterprises use APIs to increase ROI on their digital assets.


Enterprise leaders agree that APIs help them build better digital experiences and products.


Organizations' investment of time and resources into APIs will increase or stay the same over the next 12 months.

“We are working with Sitecore to modernize our marketing technology and lay the foundation for future growth. We are taking advantage of best-of-breed products to create an integrated ecosystem.”

Zachary Dugas, Global Product Owner of Content Management Systems and SaaS at Thule Group

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does Sitecore Connect's API integration enhance my marketing strategy?

    Sitecore Connect enables a unified approach to marketing. Through seamless API integrations, it links multiple tools, streamlining marketing processes and ensuring unique customer experiences. Sitecore Connect also has scalability at its core with the ability to handle multiple automations and integrations seamlessly.
  • Can Sitecore Connect help automate my marketing APIs’ workflows?

    Absolutely! Sitecore Connect boasts API-driven automation scenarios, one of the key benefits of API integration. Marketers can easily connect multiple tools through connectors and automate data flows across different platforms using an intuitive visual canvas which has a clean and marketer-friendly user interface.
  • What does "maximum connectivity with minimum overhead" mean in terms of API integration in Sitecore Connect?

    It indicates that Sitecore Connect's API integrations provide 1000+ out-of-the-box app connectors, eliminating the usual challenges of integrating different systems and technologies.
  • How do the flexible API points data transfer in Sitecore Connect enhance my operations?

    Through versatile API-driven data transfer, Sitecore Connect enables communication from various sources, including triggers and webhooks, ensuring a fluid data exchange. 
  • How does Sitecore Connect manage API data mapping?

    Sitecore Connect supports intelligent prediction for APIs’ data entity mapping. Plus, there's the added benefit and functionality of drag-and-drop manual fields mapping for precision.
  • Why is the API-centric active control dashboard in Sitecore Connect vital?

    The API-focused dashboard offers real-time project monitoring and API management, making it easier to pinpoint and tackle issues preemptively, ensuring your integrations run smoothly.
  • What is Sitecore Connect?

    Sitecore Connect is a powerful iPaaS solution designed to seamlessly link Sitecore products with a myriad of applications. Through its advanced API integrations, it bridges the gap between diverse systems, allowing businesses to harmonize their marketing strategies, thereby streamlining processes and enhancing user experiences.

  • What is API integration?

    API (Application Programming Interface) integration refers to the process of creating a coherent connection between different software applications. This is achieved using APIs, which are sets of rules and protocols that enable one application to get data or retrieve functionalities from another. In essence, API integrations streamline and automate data flows, making disparate systems within an ecosystem work in unison, which makes the benefits of application programming interface (API) integration immense.

  • What are the primary types of API?

    The primary types of API are:

    1. Open APIs (or external APIs): Publicly available to developers and users with minimal restrictions.
    2. Internal APIs (or private APIs): Hidden from external users and are only exposed by internal systems.
    3. Partner APIs: Exclusively exposed by/to the developer's partners. They are not available publicly and provide more features than open APIs.
    4. Composite APIs: Allow developers to access multiple endpoints in one call, useful in microservice architectures.
    5. REST API: An API that conforms to the design principles of representational state transfer architectural style. A large number of REST APIs are public APIs
  • What is the difference between API and integration?

    While both API and integration relate to connecting different systems, an API is a set of protocols and rules that allows one software to talk to another. Integration, on the other hand, refers to the process or action of making distinct systems work together as one. Think of APIs as the tools, and integrations as the act of building using those tools.

  • Are all integrations APIs?

    No, not all integrations are APIs. While APIs are a common method to achieve integrations, there are other methods like file-based integrations, database linking, and manual entry. However, API integrations are preferred in many scenarios for their real-time data transfer and automation capabilities.

  • Is API Integration time-consuming?

    The difficulty of API integration varies based on the systems being integrated, the complexity of the data, and the specific use case. With API integration tools like Sitecore Connect, the integration process can be significantly simplified, providing intuitive visual canvases and drag-and-drop features that make API integrations more user-friendly, and efficient.

  • What are some examples of API integrations using Sitecore Connect?

    Using Sitecore Connect, it's possible to build complex workflows without investing in custom integrations. Examples of API integrations are listed below. 

    Data integration and syncing between CRM and Sitecore CDP: Automatically sync customer data which could be email/phone number etc., from a CRM to CDP dynamically.

    First-party audience data export from Sitecore CDP to Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Periodically export customer segment data available within Sitecore CDP to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to run highly relevant and targeted email campaigns through API integrations powered by Sitecore Connect.

  • What are the benefits of Sitecore Connect API integrations?

    Sitecore Connect enables seamless integrations across the digital experience ecosystem, right from content to ecommerce, based on business needs. The low-code/no-code connectors reduce the software development time for implementing and maintaining integrations.

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