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Sitecore + Salesforce

With connectors that seamlessly integrate the market-leading solutions of Sitecore and Salesforce, marketers get deeper insights and unmatched time to market.

Better together


Unify data

Build a single view of your customers by integrating data from any source and making it actionable. Sitecore’s content and customer data is accessible within Marketing Cloud for use by Journey Builder and Email Studio users.

Faster time to market

Get to market faster

Drag and drop content between Sitecore and Salesforce Marketing Cloud apps. Enjoy continuous data interchange between DAM, CMS, CRM, and marketing platforms. With speed and agility, you get one-to-one personalization at scale.


Best of all worlds

By connecting the leaders in DAM, web CMS, marketing cloud, and CRM platforms, you can integrate content with marketing, web behavior, and CRM data to deliver intelligent, connected, and omnichannel experiences that scale.

Watch how a 360-view of a customer builds better campaigns

Follow Eva and Zoe, campaign creator and curious customer, as they build a relationship based on truly connected experiences. Learn how the right tools can enrich the experience of both marketer and consumer, leading to a lifelong relationship.

It's all within reach when you create connected experiences with Sitecore and Salesforce.

SFMC Eva and Zoe Video

Salesforce connectors and integration guides

Sitecore Connect™ for Marketing Cloud - Web CMS

Exchange content and behavioral data between Sitecore and Marketing Cloud.

Sitecore Connect™ for Marketing Cloud - DAM

Easily use approved, on-brand assets from Sitecore DAM in Marketing Cloud.

Sitecore Connect™ for Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM)

Exchange customer and profile data between Sitecore xDB and Salesforce CRM.

Additional resources

Leveraging Sitecore + Salesforce to deliver connected experiences

How streamlining DX and campaign content drives lasting relationships with customers.

Winning the CX battle with Sitecore & Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Explore the unparalleled solution for creating a 360-degree customer view.

3 Principles for maximizing content to create personalized CX

Steps to creating integrated, personalized journeys with Sitecore + Salesforce.

Sitecore and Salesforce in action




Consumer Packaged Goods



Financial Services

Healthcare and Life Sciences



Professional Services

Travel and Hospitality

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