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Strategize, scale, deliver

Streamline creativity with Content Hub Operations. Our comprehensive solution simplifies complex content operations, enhances performance, and empowers teams.

Orchestrating Excellence

Content mastery unlocked

  • Unify content strategy

    Centralize and align your lifecycle content strategy, ensuring consistency and coherence across all channels and for all customers.

  • Agile headless delivery

    Deliver content across any channel with the flexibility of headless architecture that adapts to your needs, without eroding brand cohesion.

  • Global content orchestration

    Designed to fuel global brand strategy while remaining agile to address specificities and deliver cohesive but authentic messaging across customer segments, channels, and markets.


Innovative brands optimizing operations with Sitecore

Enhance efficiency, ignite creativity

Streamlined, synchronized, and secure content operations


Enterprise-tailored workflow management

Customizable workflows that cater to the complexities of multi-business unit operations, designed for enterprise-scale needs.

Targeted role-based access

Enhance security and operational order with finely-tuned access controls, ensuring the right permissions at every organizational level.


Streamlined DAM connectivity

Achieve consistent content taxonomy and automate workflows with an integrated DAM system, optimizing content management across the board.

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Bolster and streamline content collaboration with integrated strategy, creation, and distribution tools purpose-built for Content Hub DAM. Work smarter across teams within one intuitive platform.

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What customers are saying

“The ROI is two-fold. Our cost-to-serve is greatly decreasing, as the booking process is significantly more efficient, lowering dependency on customer-service centers to process bookings. Secondly, we’re opening ourselves up as a 24/7 online store.”

John Hayes, Digital Marketing Manager, Coates Hire

Case Study

Hilti Group optimized their content operations with Sitecore

Sitecore Content Hub’s project management function is fostering collaboration between content creators, product managers, and external agencies.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Content Marketing Platform (CMP)?

    Content marketing platforms (CMPs) are content marketing tools and services used by digital marketing teams for content creation, real-time content optimization, content production, and content curation. They can also be used to analyze quality content, improve the customer journey, and implement marketing campaigns. They are a key part of any content marketing strategy and can assist content creators with the management of content assets such as infographics, content planning and ideation, and content marketing efforts.

  • How can a CMP improve content ROI?

    A CMP can streamline workflows and project management, improve timelines, and provide metrics to determine the best content or types of content for target audiences. It can also help content teams and freelancers establish which pieces of content are high-performing and improve lead generation with targeted, high-quality, and interactive content. With the inclusion of a robust search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and the integration of AI-powered or marketing automation functionalities, the ROI of content can improve by leaps and bounds.

  • What is the difference between a CMP and a CRM?

    Content marketing platforms are key to effective content marketing. A CMP can improve content performance, optimize content for multiple channels including social media, and assist with the management of a content calendar or editorial calendar. They can also smoothly integrate with content management systems, CRMs, and digital asset management systems to ensure consistency throughout the digital content lifecycle.

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