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Sitecore DAM

Content asset management – simplified

Use Sitecore® DAM to manage all your digital content assets

All your content assets right where and when you need them

Content management goes far beyond web pages and blog posts. You need to manage graphics, videos, artwork files, PDF collateral, and all the rest. You need to file it so it can be retrieved easily; track versions, variations, and formats; and tag all of it for re-use. Doing all of this manually is a huge effort, and virtually impossible at an enterprise scale. With Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM), digital marketers and marketing operations teams can manage digital assets with ease and operational excellence: Access all your digital assets right from Sitecore Experience Cloud with the Sitecore Plugin for Sitecore DAM. Eliminate yet another new system and make digital asset management part of your complete content workflow for the whole marketing department.

Features and benefits

With Sitecore DAM you don’t have to worry about integrating with a separate DAM—you can work with assets in a streamlined fashion during content creation.

Marketing portal

The DAM marketing portal integrates marketing silos, enabling dialogue among your marketing community. Complement data and media files with your own editorial content and context, including brand guidelines, campaign, and product launch briefings.

Works for all file formats

Sitecore DAM is able to accommodate virtually all your digital asset file types, including video, audio, photos, print marketing collateral, office documents, fonts, and 3D models.

Supports tagging

Using your information architecture, taxonomies, and facets, machine learning helps tag your content with the appropriate metadata—streamlining the initial tagging process, automating the tagging of additional assets, and improving searchability.

Streamlined integration with your content workflow

With the Sitecore Plugin for Sitecore DAM, access digital assets from Sitecore Experience Cloud, so you spend less time chasing and sorting through assets and more time on marketing.

Additional benefits

  • Insightful management tools keep you in control of your content, users, taxonomy, and more
  • Superior format support and tagging functionality optimized for use by Sitecore machine learning (Sitecore Cortex™)
  • Upload files with drag-drop; create data and add metadata in no time
  • Preview images, videos, layouts, and other file types in context and in your browser while visualizing metadata and navigating through related content
  • Select assets across different search queries and parts of the application

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