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Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore Content Publisher

Simplify and automate graphics and collateral production from anywhere, while enforcing brand guidelines and other compliance requirements

Simplify and automate graphics production for print or digital distribution

  • Convert traditional graphics files into smart templates
  • Empower users to self-serve and generate marketing collateral on their own 
  • Automate the creation of artwork with multiple variants for channels or languages
  • Seamlessly connect to Sitecore DAM to eliminate content errors 

Lower cost of graphics production and speed time to market

Sitecore Content Publisher makes the design process more efficient


Graphics at scale

Marketers working globally across different time zones can produce graphics at-scale, reining in costs.

Faster time to market

Save time on design and production of multiple graphic variants and then adapting for numerous channels. Reduce approval cycles.
real time

Brand consistency

Ensure brand compliance, eliminate errors and omissions, and minimize regulatory or litigation risk.

Streamline graphics production

Deliver marketing artwork and collateral fast, at low cost, and with minimum risk

Sophisticated online editor

The professional editing features you know from traditional desktop apps. Includes fine-grained control over all design elements, advanced typography, and smart templates - all in a browser.


Define which elements can't be edited, which ones can, and how. Document intelligence sets parameters such as brand identity guidelines and regulatory requirements.

Automated variant production

Save valuable creative time by automating the repetitive process of creating multiple variants for different product flavors, channels, or languages.

Full DAM integration

Eliminate content errors by accessing the single source of truth, including the ability to design without InDesign Server. There's no need to worry about compatibility issues with Creative Suite when working on Sitecore DAM.

Sitecore Content Publisher key benefits

Deliver graphics at scale

Empower the entire organization to self-service across all time zones and at each location.

Decrease risk

Enforce brand identity and eliminate content errors with a single source of truth.

Save time and money

Minimize approval cycles and trim labor costs for design and agency work.