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Beyond Sitecore®
out of the box

Engineered for flexibility and scalability, Sitecore solutions give you many options for added functionality or custom results.

Extensibility of .NET

Sitecore technology grants you the flexibility to fully integrate with third-party systems and repurpose their data not only for website content, but also for a wide range of tasks. We make the process smooth, simple, and straightforward with an array of prebuilt connectors, data abstraction layers, out-of-the-box integration capabilities and a wide range of APIs.

Options Intro

Options for expanding your Sitecore implementation

Whether you add on one of the many options from Sitecore, use our connectors to integrate with third-party applications, or leverage one of our technology or implementation partners, you have many routes to expanding what Sitecore technology can do for you.


Sitecore delivers users of both our Sitecore® Web Experience Manager and the full Sitecore® Experience Platform™ lots of options for adding functionality. And we’re developing more every day.

  • Commerce

  • Email

  • Print

  • Social

  • Mobile

  • Non-Sitecore sites

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Sitecore is a rich platform with extensible integrations that preserve the connected experience for the next emerging channel. Whether you want to add or connect additional data sources, such as your CRM system, Sitecore makes integration easy.

  • Commerce connectors

  • Social connectors

  • Language translation

  • Search

  • Sitecore APIs

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Our partners put Sitecore’s powerful mix of marketing and business features, comprehensive development support, and industry-leading flexibility to work every day with phenomenal results.

How University of Southern Queensland benefits from Sitecore® Social Connect

University of Southern Queensland's Social Hub utilizes the Sitecore search API to query all content items, based on the content template, category and tags—enabling us to deliver an immersive browsing experience.

David Shirley
Technical Director, Guerrilla Digital, on his work at University of Southern Queensland
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University of Southern Queensland's The Social Hub

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