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Experience editing

Help your content teams create, edit, and deploy web content across channels in less time using fewer resources with the intuitive tools included in Sitecore Experience Manager® (XM) and Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP).

A seamless editing experience for everyone

  • Easily change page components using drag-and-drop functionality
  • Enjoy a CMS with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing
  • Reuse pre-built components, templates, and layouts
  • Greatly reduce the time needed for custom development
  • Get to market faster with the next-generation Horizon editor
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Easy editing for everyone

Content authors of nearly any experience level can easily create and edit components.

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WYSIWYG editing

Easily create and edit any visible item, including text, graphics, and more, with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing, available in Sitecore Experience Editor and Horizon.

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Preview personalization

Know before you go. Sitecore’s editing options let you view, simulate, and edit personalized experiences by persona, situation, and device.

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Save unfinished items to the master database and decide when to publish. When you’re ready, our publishing tool guides you through every step.

Get a head start with Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)

Kickstart your design with templated layouts

Pre-built for performance

Build powerful pages in a snap with Sitecore's 100+ pre-built, drag-and-drop components. You can also customize components or create new ones as needed.

Wireframes that work

Create wireframes and landing pages as reusable, templated UX layouts directly in SXA. You can easily adjust page layouts or templates as you need.

Themes to fit your brand

Completed designs can be imported as themes and easily switched at any time, ensuring your brand stays consistent.

Parallel processes

Break the production bottleneck. The completed site map and page architecture are passed over to design, so content entry and design can be done in tandem.

Follow best practices by default

We baked best practices and methodologies right into Sitecore SXA.

Built for experiences

All generated code follows Sitecore’s best practices around page structure, empowering personalization and optimization.

Made for mobile

Responsive, grid-style page layouts help content authors build pages that are friendly across a full range of devices.

Optimize performance

Attaching a theme to a component helps optimize page load speeds and improve SEO scores.

Waste no time getting to market

Get content up quickly and shave precious time off your launch.

Do more with less

Content teams can design, assemble, and deploy web content across channels with greater ease and fewer development resources.

Streamlined for IT

With most page-build responsibilities off their plate, IT can focus on bigger tasks, such as deployment and integration.

Easy for creative agencies

Your creative agency can edit a static version of the site using their preferred tools; then you can import the edited design back into the site.

Produce in parallel

Keep your workstreams streamlined by having all teams work in parallel, for quick and cost-efficient deployment of multiple sites.

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