SearchStax offers a fully managed cloud search service for automated provisioning, management and scaling of Apache Solr in public and private cloud environments (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud). The SearchStax Solr-as-a-Service allows developers to focus on building exceptional customer experiences instead of spending time on the operational details of creating and managing Solr infrastructure.

SearchStax also powers the Solr search behind the Sitecore Managed Cloud solution. Our joint managed solution provides cloud-based hosting for Solr deployments on Microsoft Azure.

Key product offerings

SearchStax for Sitecore

SearchStax offers an easy, reliable, performant, and scalable Solr service for Sitecore:

  • High availability - Multi-node clusters with fault tolerance architecture. Cross-region backup and disaster recovery options for mission-critical apps.
  • Global clusters - Support for 60+ regions across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform
  • Uptime and support SLA for mission-critical applications - Uptime and response time SLA guarantees 24x7 coverage; less than 30 minutes response time
  • Multi-cloud - Run your search infrastructure on any cloud--ours or yours--including AWS, Azure and Google
  • Designed for developer productivity - Build applications faster without losing control using automation, APIs, and Webhooks
  • Secure - Built-in security controls, features, and processes to meet compliance standards, including SOC 2 Type II certification

Integration using the SearchStax Solr Plugin for Sitecore

To better support the Sitecore community, we provide a Sitecore Solr Plugin to make connecting SearchStax Solr to Sitecore deployments equally easy.

The SearchStax Sitecore Solr Plugin automates a number of manual tasks and could easily save you up to a half-day of effort to connect Sitecore. The SearchStax Solr Plugin:

  • Checks the connectivity between Sitecore and Solr running on SearchStax
  • Uploads config files to the Solr deployment
  • Determines if the Solr is running on a single non-production node, or if it’s a multi-node production-grade high-availability cluster.
  • Creates appropriate collections in Solr
  • Configures collections for redundancy and high-availability if it detects Solr is running as a cluster
  • Creates aliases for XDB collections
  • Updates the config files in Sitecore to make sure it is able to communicate with the Solr

This SearchStax Sitecore Solr Plugin takes the challenge out of configuring Sitecore and Solr which will save you time and energy so that you can focus on developing better search experiences for your customers.

Office locations

SearchStax is headquartered in California, with our teams located across the United States and around the world.