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Content Hub Sync Composer

Connect Content Hub with 3rd party channels and services with very little to no custom code requirements.


Sitecore Content Hub
Sitecore Digital Asset Management
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Content Hub Sync Composer is a simplified and cost-effective approach for connecting Sitecore Content Hub with various apps and services. As a serverless cloud solution that leverages the power of Microsoft Azure, no additional effort is needed to manage infrastructure or hosting. Sync Composer allows you to quickly integrate Content Hub with 3rd party services within only days and is easily extendable to support all possible integration scenarios and Sitecore products. Sync Composer also makes converting data from source destination formats easy and supports template rendering and visual designer.

Benefits of Content Hub Sync Composer

Wide range of supported integrations

Speed to market

Little to no custom code

More information and documentation

  • Wide range of supported integration scenarios
  • Very little to no code required with no development effort
  • Speed to market: Integrate Content Hub with 3rd party services in just days, not months
  • Quick integrations with Sitecore and other composable offerings
  • No additional effort needed to manage infrastructure, hosting, platform updates as the serverless, cloud-based solution is managed by Microsoft Azure behind the scenes
  • Easy to make changes to adapt to ever-changing business needs

To learn more about this plugin, please visit Content Hub Sync Composer
Migrating Box assets to Sitecore Content Hub
Migrating DropBox assets to Sitecore Content Hub
Migrating SFTP server assets to Sitecore Content Hub

Content Hub Sync Composer at a glance

  • Unlimited supported integrations

    Connect pre-built functional elements in visual designer to compose various integration flows.

  • Azure Cloud-native solution

    Built with Azure Functions and Logic Apps to quickly author synchronization flows.

  • Little to no code

    Compose various integration flows from reusable functional blocks in visual designer.

Sitecore compatibility

Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore OrderCloud

Sitecore Personalize

Sitecore CDP

Sitecore Experience Platform 9, 10

Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.1, 9.2, 9.3

About the app provider


XCentium is an award-winning digital consultancy and leading Sitecore Platinum Partner. XC specializes in brand experience, digital strategy, UI/UX design, commerce, content management and cloud services.

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