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Fuze Integration for Sitecore Discover

Deliver uniquely tailored shopping journeys and streamline internal communications and collaborations by combining Sitecore Discover and Fuze.


Sitecore Discover


Digital commerce

By combining Sitecore Discover and Fuze, businesses deliver 1:1 tailored shopping journeys in real-time, with customized product search results and recommendations based on each unique shopper’s purchase intent. With Sitecore Discover and Fuze, businesses increase productivity, decrease manual workloads, streamline internal communications, and collaborate more efficiently.

Benefits of Fuze Integration for Sitecore Discover

Customize shopping experiences

Increase productivity

Streamline internal communication and collaboration

More information and documentation

To learn more about Fuze Integration for Sitecore Discover, please visit here

Fuze Integration for Sitecore Discover at a glance

  • Purchase intent identification

  • Collaboration tools

  • Data & analytics

Sitecore compatibility

Sitecore Discover

About the app provider


An 8x8 company, Fuze is a cloud communications and collaboration software that includes call center, phone system, and video conferencing solutions for enterprises.

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