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ADvantage Content Connect

An active and real-time content integration framework for consistent and continuous data synchronization of product content and assets across Sitecore Content Hub and OrderCloud.


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An automated connector-based solution for enabling and accelerating enrichment of the product catalog and digital assets by establishing a connection between Sitecore Content Hub’s Product Content Management and OrderCloud commerce platform.

The connector establishes one-way, asynchronous, real-time product data synchronization to facilitate trigger-based creation of new product entities, updates in product data, and its related assets from Content Hub’s and Sitecore OrderCloud’s storefronts and marketplaces.

Content Hub will be used to store, manage, and serve primary approved product information along with related digital assets, while the Sitecore OrderCloud platform can handle the responsibility to manage product inventory, order and taxation specific information like price, tax, unit of measure, inventory tracking, order limitation, and more.

Benefits of ADvantage Content Connect

Enhance synergies across teams

Achieve greater collaboration and reduced learning curve

Accurate and consistent product information

Manage accurate, consistent product information through real-time synchronization

Workflow-driven Synchronization

Flexible and controlled way to drive synchronization

ADvantage Content Connect at a glance

  • Automated real-time product sync

    Automatically sync products and its updates from Content Hub to OrderCloud

  • Intuitive UI screens to manage synchronization configurations

    Administrators can specify source to target property mappings and conditional sync options

  • Enrich product catalog in collaboration

    Associate products within catalog to multiple brands, categories and sync relational facets to OrderCloud.

Sitecore compatibility

Sitecore Content Hub -

Sitecore OrderCloud – 1.0.251

About the app provider

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