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EasyPost Integration for Sitecore OrderCloud

Get flexibility and full control over shipping and logistics processes for your commerce business by connecting Sitecore OrderCloud and EasyPost.




Digital commerce

Empower your commerce businesses and increase customer satisfaction with full control over the shipping process by integrating Sitecore OrderCloud and EasyPost. Using Sitecore OrderCloud’s composable and headless commerce platform, it is simple to connect the EasyPost API and streamline complex shipping and logistics with end-to-end flexibility. Get access to multiple shipping carriers, easy shipping label creation, address verification, package tracking, shipping insurance, and more.

Benefits of EasyPost Integration for Sitecore OrderCloud

Shipping flexibility for diverse commerce business models

Optimized shopping cost

Full control and visibility on shipping

EasyPost Integration for Sitecore OrderCloud at a glance

  • Multi-carrier access

  • Address verification

  • Real-time packing tracking

Sitecore compatibility

Sitecore OrderCloud