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Rapid7 Connectivity for Sitecore OrderCloud

Connect Sitecore OrderCloud’s composable commerce platform with Rapid7 to secure your commerce business and be prepared for potential cyber threats.


Sitecore OrderCloud


Digital commerce
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With the composable and headless nature of Sitecore OrderCloud, commerce businesses can connect Rapid7 on their commerce platforms to add sufficient security measures against rising cyber threats — including capabilities to assess their attack surface, detect suspicious behavior, and respond and remediate with intelligent automation.

Benefits of Rapid7 Connectivity for Sitecore OrderCloud

Orchestrated resources for IT and security
Automated security management
Focused effort on commerce business

Rapid7 Connectivity for Sitecore OrderCloud at a glance

  • Automated incident response

  • Security vulnerability management

  • Easy team collaboration

    Easy team collaboration

Sitecore compatibility

Sitecore OrderCloud

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