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Convert and migrate legacy websites and Figma designs to Sitecore XM Cloud/headless at a fraction of the time and cost using AI.


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Kajoo is an AI-driven revolution in digital experience creation. It streamlines and accelerates development by automating the tedious tasks of:

  • Migrating from Sitecore MVC and other platforms to the cutting-edge Sitecore XM Cloud/headless

  • Transforming Figma designs into Jamstack code and Sitecore components

Embrace the future of XM Cloud and headless technology — quicker, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Benefits of Kajoo

Move to XMC/headless faster

Accelerate XMC/headless development and save 40%-70% of time and cost.

Lightning-fast landing page creation

Convert Figma designs to landing pages in minutes.

Streamline design to code operations

Move seamlessly from design to Sitecore components and remove handover friction.

Key facts

  • Accessible to all Sitecore clients and partners
  • Zero vendor lock-in; full ownership of your code
  • Produces clean Next.js and React code adhering to best practices
  • Supports use cases for both technical and digital/design teams

Official website

Documentation at a glance

  • Convert to XMC/headless

    Convert and migrate from Sitecore MVC or other platforms to Sitecore XMC/headless faster and save 40%-70%.

    Watch demo
  • From Figma to Sitecore

    Convert Figma designs to Sitecore experiences in minutes.


Sitecore compatibility

Kajoo accepts the following as a source for the migration:

  1. Sitecore XP/XM 8.x, 9.x, 10.x on MVC or Webforms 
  2. Non-Sitecore websites, e.g. AEM, WordPress, etc.
  3. Figma designs (in auto layout)

Kajoo’s output is compatible with:

  1. Sitecore XM Cloud (including SXA headless)
  2. Sitecore XP/XM headless 10.x on JSS
    a. Next.js JSS 20.0.1 or newer
    b. React JSS 18.0.0 or newer

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TechGuilds is a trusted Sitecore partner that excels in innovation. Their 200+ successful projects showcase their unmatched expertise and reliability in all things related to Sitecore.

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