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Choose from a host of powerful, pre-built connectors and apps from Sitecore and our ecosystem partners that extend Sitecore, and make weaving it into your business easy, fast, and flexible.




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ADvantage Content Connect

An active and real-time content integration framework for consistent and continuous data synchronization of product content and assets across Sitecore Content Hub and OrderCloud.

ATL Sitecore Connector

Automate the creation of your multilingual content localization in Sitecore directly from your backend, and take the lead in new markets.

Avalara Plugin for Sitecore OrderCloud

XCentium provides a plugin to easily connect Avalara and Sitecore OrderCloud for commerce businesses to take control of tax calculation.


You can now quickly connect your Sitecore Send account with Bouncer in order to import your list, verify it, and then export it back to Sitecore Send.

Braintree Plugin for Sitecore OrderCloud

XCentium provides a plugin to connect Braintree and Sitecore OrderCloud, enabling a payment gateway to support commerce businesses

Brightcove Video Cloud Connect

Build a connection between Sitecore and Brightcove Video Cloud for better online video capabilities and viewer experience on your website.

CI Hub – Sitecore Asset Connector

Easily connect assets stored within Sitecore Content Hub DAM to native creative apps, empowering you to work smarter and deliver faster.

Cognigy.AI Extensions

Cognigy.AI extensions create end-to-end customer service automation for your Sitecore websites.

Content Hub headless integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Create content-rich, omni-channel commerce experiences with no front-end limitations using the headless APIs of SF Commerce Cloud and Content Hub DAM and PCM.

Content Hub Sync Composer

Connect Content Hub with 3rd party channels and services with very little to no custom code requirements.

GlobalLink Connect

GlobalLink Connect for Sitecore is a powerful solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the translation process.

HeadStart Integration for Avalara and Sitecore OrderCloud

Accelerate tax management in your commerce business with the HeadStart integration for Avalara provided by Sitecore OrderCloud.

HeadStart Integration for CardConnect and Sitecore OrderCloud

Add CardConnect’s simple and secure credit card payment solution to your commerce business with the HeadStart integration provided by Sitecore OrderCloud.

HeadStart Integration for EasyPost and Sitecore OrderCloud

Get flexibility and full control over shipping and logistics processes for your commerce business by connecting Sitecore OrderCloud and EasyPost with the HeadStart integration.

HeadStart Integration for SendGrid and Sitecore OrderCloud

Establish meaningful relationships with customers through exceptional email communications powered by the HeadStart integration for SendGrid and Sitecore OrderCloud.

HeadStart Integration for Smarty and Sitecore OrderCloud

Experience fast and easy address verification for your shipping management with the HeadStart integration for Smarty and Sitecore OrderCloud.

HeadStart Integration for TaxJar and Sitecore OrderCloud

Automate sales tax compliance on your commerce business with the HeadStart integration for TaxJar provided by Sitecore OrderCloud.

HeadStart Integration for Zoho and Sitecore OrderCloud

Automate business processes with the HeadStart integration for Zoho provided by Sitecore OrderCloud, and focus on growing your commerce business.

iLangl Cloud Sitecore Connector

iLangL Connector is a single integration platform that serves as a bridge connecting your Sitecore website and a translation agency.

Convert and migrate legacy websites and Figma designs to Sitecore XM Cloud/headless at a fraction of the time and cost using AI.

LanguageWire Sitecore Connector

LanguageWire integrates with Sitecore to automate and accelerate your translation process.

Lionbridge Translation & Localization

Design your content for one language, region, or audience. Lionbridge translates, localizes, and transcreates content, so that it works for all.

RelevantEdge BI Platform for Sitecore

Gain Business Intelligence (BI) insights from your integrated Sitecore digital experience data, while maintaining full data control and security.

Sitecore CDP Connector for Facebook

Launch Facebook campaigns with pinpoint accuracy. Powered by Sitecore CDP and your organization’s rich first party data sources.