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Sitecore Personalize

The all-in-one alternative to Google Optimize

Get ready for world-class personalization, omnichannel coverage, and intelligent decisioning – it’s time to switch to Sitecore Personalize.

As Google Optimize sunsets, it’s time to switch to Sitecore Personalize

Sitecore Personalize provides a seamless transition with world-class personalization and A/B testing, lightning-fast performance, and intelligent decisioning.

A/B testing and optimization

Experiment for conversion or engagement on any channel with both traditional client-side and server-side integrations.

Drag-and-drop decisioning

With an industry-leading decisioning capability, you set the rules and the system uses real-time context to decide what offer or action to take.

Real-time customer understanding

Capture and leverage continuous customer behavioral and intent data from anonymous and known customers across ALL digital channels.

World-class personalization

Create hyper-relevant digital experiences for every customer at every moment.

Omnichannel experiences

Deliver a seamless digital experience that jumps effortlessly from channel to channel.

In-the-moment marketing

Trigger marketing messaging and action in real-time in response to customer activity.

Analyst Report

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Personalization Engines

In its 2023 report, Gartner named Sitecore a Leader after being named a Visionary in 2022. It’s a testament to our speed of innovation and strategy to moving to cloud-native, composable solutions.

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Comparison Table

Sitecore Personalize vs. Google Optimize 360

Sitecore Personalize integrates into your tech stack via turnkey APIs designed to work with any application written in any language. Once switched on, any application/channel can make use of Sitecore Personalize’s comprehensive A/B testing and personalization features. Let’s compare Sitecore Personalize’s capabilities with Google Optimize 360:

sitecore icon
Optimize360 icon
A/B testing
A/B test any experience. With server-side A/B testing you can experiment in all your inbound channels, from website to app, to chat and contact center and kiosk.
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Client-side and server-side integration
Experiment and personalize everywhere — from your website to deep into your stack.
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Interactive personalization
In-the-moment personalization gives you the power to adapt experiences to any segment, cohort, or individual.
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Add next-best-actions (NBAs) using Sitecore’s drag-and-drop decisioning. Activate live business data, like inventory or pricing, or call-outs to AI models for predictive insights.
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Trigger messaging
Take instant action based on any consumer behavior, on any digital channel. Trigger notifications, sliders, and modals as people browse.
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Web design
Create tests from templates or add variants to existing experiences for testing. Sitecore Personalize supports marketers and developers through a unified user interface.
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Comprehensive developer documentation
Best-in-class developer portal to help get your developers started.
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Powerful integrations
Use data from hundreds of integrations including Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
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Live monitoring
Gain instant feedback on your experiences from the moment they go live. Operational monitoring reports provide feedback refreshed every fifteen seconds on your tests.
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Understand how your tests are performing against the goals and metrics you define. Analytics are visualized with crystal-clear reporting powered by a rock-solid statistics engine.
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Quality assurance
Preview and QA check all your experiences across devices and browsers before you push them live.
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Set up and track one primary and multiple secondary metrics for your tests. Standard goals include conversion, revenue, and engagement.
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We're offering exclusive incentives on Personalize to existing Google Optimize customers.

Ease of transition

We know that switching to a new product can be challenging. That's why we’re offering a range of resources and support to help make the switch to Sitecore Personalize as smooth as possible. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way, from migration to implementation and beyond.

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Increase retention, click-through rates, and conversion

Sitecore Personalize helps brands exceed targets and unlock at least 10% revenue growth.


Increase in net promoter score


Increase in online engagement


Increase in conversions

Driving substantial benefits for global brands


"Personalization has been transformational for us. When we started with Sitecore Personalize, only 10% of our customers engaged online. That has risen to 50%."

Cathal Henry, Digital Project Manager, Irish Life

The time has come to Personalize

Let us show you how Sitecore Personalize can help you provide unforgettable digital experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Google Optimize?

    Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360, previously utilized for running A/B tests on the web, have been deprecated by Google. The tools will reach their end-of-life on September 30th, 2023. Through experiments, businesses were able to utilize these tools to test variations of their web pages and evaluate their performance against a set objective.

  • What is Sitecore Personalize?

    Sitecore Personalize is a real-time personalization platform that enables businesses to deliver relevant and personalized content to their website visitors based on their behavior, interests, and preferences. Sitecore helps enterprises move beyond A/B testing to deliver continuous personalization and optimization across all of their channels.

  • What is the Sitecore DXP?

    Unifying content, experience, and commerce, our composable DXP is a suite of products empowering brands to deliver the experiences customers crave. Sitecore's SaaS-enabled, composable digital experience platform (DXP) allows you to choose which products you want to implement from search to purchase to post-sale marketing with solutions for Content, Engagement, and Commerce.

  • Is Google Optimize sunsetting?

    On September 30th, 2023, Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 will be deactivated. Ongoing experiments and personalization campaigns will continue to run until the end date, but they will be terminated when the service is no longer available. Beyond September 30th, it will not be possible to access, export, or interact with the experiments in any way.

  • Why is Google sunsetting Optimize?

    According to Google, they are focusing on third-party A/B testing integrations for Google Analytics 4, and plan to expand the support for more A/B testing integrations in the future. As their Optimize product lacks some of the features that modern experimentation programs require, it will be discontinued soon (source). To ensure the continuity of your experiments, you may want to consider migrating them to a different service.

  • How do I implement my new Sitecore Personalize Solution?

    Our Solution Partners will help you realize the full value of your Sitecore investment, providing transformative professional services that include strategy, implementation, and support. Check out the full list above.

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