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Deliver customer experiences that connect

Optimize every experience across every channel with the leading experimentation and personalization platform

Effectively optimize and personalize every customer interaction

The experimentation and personalization platform for best-in-class CX across channels

  • Full-stack A/B testing optimization

    Front-end flexibility, developer-friendly tools, and a no-flicker UI make it simple to update content and maintain SEO.

  • Connected customer experiences

    Build conversion and engagement experimentations on any channel with both client-side and server-side integrations.

  • Customer and business data awareness

    Balance customer needs and business priorities to recommend next-best-actions in real-time.

  • In-the-moment marketing

    Use live data to respond with relevant content, offers, prices, discounts, and customer-tailored experiences and actions in real-time.

  • Lightning-fast performance

    Create instant personalized experiences with modern, edge-based services built for speed


Driving substantial benefits for global brands

Smart optimization and automation

The insight and intelligence to make every interaction matter


Drive ROI and business objectives

Goal-driven A/B testing and context-aware personalization for relevance in each moment

Omnichannel personalization

Intelligent optimization for every channel across your ecosystem

Industry-leading decisioning

Blend data, personalization, and segmentation rules to drive each customer's next-best-action

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Explore Personalize

Discover key features of our powerful Personalize platform, including its robust decisioning capabilities and omnichannel personalization and testing.

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“We want to recognize our customers for who they are and present the right details for them at the right time at the right price. Sitecore is critical to enable us to do that.”

Jerry O’ Sullivan, Digital & Innovation Programme Manager, Ryanair


"Personalization has been transformational for us. When we started with Sitecore Personalize, only 10% of our customers engaged online. That has risen to 50%."

Cathal Henry, Digital Project Manager, Irish Life

CX is a continuous journey, not a destination


Personalize with greater precision and power

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Discover how we transform customer experience

  • Discover how our solutions can help you create unforgettable digital connections with your customers
  • Explore with our experts, who will share our platform’s powerful features and capabilities
  • Learn why a composable DXP is the future of CX, adaptable to your needs, your way

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