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We’re delivering on our AI vision

We're moving fast. Recently, we've acquired, integrated, and launched many new products to enhance our composable suite of digital experience solutions. To get you up to speed, we're sharing an overview of what we've built, why we've built it, and what options we have today and in the future for your business.
A message from our Chief Product Officer

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with our customers and partners on their key digital experience challenges. 

Advancements in AI mean it’s an exciting time for the future of DXP, but with technology moving so fast, it’s also a daunting time for some organizations. With that in mind, I would like to share four key areas of focus as we move ahead. 

  1. We believe in the power of composable SaaS to deliver more speed, agility, and flexibility for our customers.
  2. We have the vision and the capability to deliver on our “marketer-first” AI strategy for our customers. These capabilities are going to revolutionize how marketers create content and deliver standout experiences.
  3. We are about to release the highest-performing and most complete upgrades ever for our flagship platform products, XM and XP 10.4, and our PaaS Managed Cloud hosting service.
  4. You can combine composable and platform — adding SaaS products like CDP or DAM to PaaS products like XM or XP.

There's more on all of that in our recent press release. Plus, Sitecore Symposium is back in 2024. This year we are going to Nashville–join us and see first-hand how we are reshaping the future of digital experience using AI.


Roger Connolly

Chief Product Officer


Composable, compatible, and capable

SaaS-enabled, composable DXP

Our digital experience platform gives you ultimate flexibility—choose just the products you want, from search to purchase to post-sale marketing. It’s that simple.

Fast, agile delivery

Constantly innovate, improve, and deliver outstanding customer experiences at every interaction.

Quality content–fast

Boost user satisfaction and meet your business objectives by delivering top-notch, relevant content to the right audience when it matters most.

Exploring our strategy

Uncovering the future of composable software to shape the future of digital experience.
Woman and a man with a laptop and tablet

Our next-gen DXP

Introducing Sitecore’s composable SaaS portfolio.

Composable vs. platform

Understanding the right strategy for your business – now and in the future.

Choosing the right CMS

Comparing our content management products.

Experience-led commerce

Differentiating your commerce with an experience-led strategy.

Go beyond expectations

Maximizing the ROI of our DXP with products to drive scale and intelligence.