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Manage and sell your online and offline products

Display and manage products and gain granular control of your inventory with Sitecore XC’s integrated business tools.

Catalog management made easy

Want a simple way to manage all the items you sell? Here it is.

Organize your sellable items

Easily create catalogs, add items to multiple catalogs, categories, and inventory sets, and apply multiple promotions. “Sellable items” refers to both tangible products, such as headphones, and non-tangible items, such as an extended warranty or a music track.

One product, multiple variations

Make it easy for customers to see and shop your entire product assortment by defining product variations, such as multiple colors of the same shirt.

Fast, flexible, global

Import catalogs from any source using the migration tool. Create catalogs that display on your website in different languages and currencies.

Categorize and link products

Set hierarchies and relationships between categories and products.

For example, you can classify men’s or women’s apparel, shoes, and socks.

Complete inventory control

Create and manage multiple inventory sets linked to one or more storefronts.

Decide who gets what

Respond to the varying needs of your stores and distribution centers by controlling the availability of your sellable items by channel.

Transfer and allocate stock

Transfer inventory between stores and customize the quantity of any item by store. For example, allocate 75 of one item to store A, and 20 to Store B.

Get eyes on your inventory

Facilitate online-to-offline experiences by creating site, store, and distribution center inventory sets. Get notified when you’re low on stock.

Track and control your stock

Add transparency by setting pre-order and backorder dates and limits. Track shipments so you’re always up to speed.

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