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Put the customer before the cart

There’s more to success than making a sale. Build better relationships by easily making and modifying orders with up-to-date customer information and keeping customer information current.

It’s all about the customer

Easily modify and manage your customer accounts and information.

Easier for everyone

Customer service representatives can easily edit, update, and manage customer accounts and information using the integrated tools in Sitecore XC.

Use tagging to create groups

Add tags to a customer’s information—similar to product tags—as a flexible way to identify groups of customers.

Use tracking to create offers

Account tracking creates an opportunity for you to offer discounts or promotions to select customer groups.

Get the whole customer picture

Search for and view an individual customer’s account in context—with order details and account information.

Stay on top of your orders

Manage orders through every step of the relationship.

Payment and fulfilment

Manage order payment and fulfilment options, support federated payments via Braintree (PayPal) integration, and set delivery and shipping options.

View every order’s details

Customer service teams can quickly access order details. See order placement dates, grand totals, payment types, payments pending, and more.

Backorders, refunds, and more

Process pre-orders and backorders, returns, refunds, and return merchandise authorizations (RMAs).

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