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Sitecore Connect™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

The Sitecore® Experience Platform™ comes together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide high-end retailers an integrated, end-to-end omnichannel commerce solution.

Sitecore combines the digital with Microsoft’s point of sale

Offering a seamless experience between online and brick-and-mortar channels, Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail lets retailers analyze and personalize online experiences from the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) in real time, while also delivering advanced back-office capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics, like support for loyalty programs, gift cards, call center management, and order management.

Features and benefits

With Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, one plus one equals much more than two.

Catalog synchronization and publishing

This lets you synchronize product catalog data from Dynamics 365 into Sitecore XP in batches as well as publish Sitecore content and product data online. Any underlying metadata changes made on the Dynamics 365 side are automatically reflected in Sitecore.

Personalize online based on retail interactions

Built using Sitecore® Commerce Connect, Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail delivers real-time integration with Dynamics 365 commerce runtime services for storefront interactions. It also integrates with Sitecore XP’s analytics and personalization, so you can market in context online based on consumer interaction stored in the 365 profile.

Reference storefront for rapid deployment

Including a comprehensive feature set for typical B2C retail scenarios, Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail also supports multiple storefronts representing different countries or legal entities within the same Dynamics 365 deployment. It’s built in ASP.NET MVC5 according to Sitecore best practices, and integrates the Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Control ASP.NET development component.

Additional features

  • End-to-end integration and testing for performance, stress, and scalability

  • Sitecore XP’s Experience Profile® includes commerce-specific reports

  • Supports multiple channels through the Retail server—for example, completing an order could occur on the point-of-sale, e-commerce, mobile, or employee app; and transactions centralized for inventory, pricing, and other commerce activities

  • Real-time segmentation of customers and commerce-enabled personalization allow accurate product targeting based on browsing history, basket content, order history, and registration profile attributes

  • Faceted search incorporates unstructured content and structured product catalog information

  • Full history of all digital visitor interactions, including online commerce and brick-and-mortar experiences

  • Commerce customization occurs within Microsoft Dynamics 365, which offers profile, basket, promotion, coupons, order, payment, tax, shipment, store, gift card, and loyalty entities

Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail in action

Dynamics POS screen

In-store associates have a personalized dashboard to manage omnichannel shopping from any device.

Sitecore Commerce Dynamics add product

Browse any inventory from any point of sale.

Dynamics sales screen

Manage customers' orders from in-store points of sale or from mobile applications. 

How it works

Available only for Sitecore XP (vs. Sitecore® Experience Manager™) users, Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is a module that installs on top of XP and connects to your Microsoft Dynamics installation. It can be downloaded from the Sitecore Developer Network.

How to buy

Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail can be purchased as an add-on and is priced according to your XP license and deployment approach. For more information, refer to our pricing quote request form.

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