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Commerce experiences that convert

Sitecore Experience Commerce

Build connections that drive outcomes with Sitecore Experience Commerce® (XC): the only solution that extends Sitecore Experience Platform™, delivers personalized experiences for commerce, and is an extensible and flexible platform.

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Deliver unique buying experiences that build connections

  • Improve customer engagement with a digital experience optimized for commerce
  • Create engaging commerce experiences by merging content in storefronts
  • Personalize digital storefront with real-time context and historical insights
  • Drive conversions with built-in marketing automation and promotions
  • Tailor your storefront experiences to differentiate from the competition's
  • Run your entire global digital commerce operations, and more
Commerce Experience Illustration


Design and deliver engaging commerce experiences

Providing digital commerce experiences that engage your customers is no easy task. Sitecore XC enable brands to build and offer digital storefronts that connect with customers and build relationship for life.

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Sitecore Experience Commerce: Inventory and catalog


Personalize your storefront for each customer

To engage today’s customers, it’s all about context and relevancy. Sitecore XC enables brands to personalize each buying experience using real-time interactions and historical intelligence from customer data.

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Customer info and orders


Drive conversions with marketing and promotions

The ultimate goal for any brands is to maximize customer engagement, nurturing their customers toward a desired outcome. Sitecore XC includes built-in marketing and promotions capabilities to help brands achieve that objective.

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“We wanted an e-commerce platform that provides personalisation, context marketing, business-process automation. Sitecore gives us all that plus a CMS.”

Rick Van Emmerik

Customer Experience Manager, Southern Phone

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Run your digital commerce storefront effectively

Managing your digital commerce storefront requires many interconnected parts and tools. Sitecore XC provides all core capabilities for commerce teams to thrive and drive growth.

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Commerce operations

Sitecore XC Quick Start

Deliver a digital storefront fast and jumpstart your digital commerce journey

Discover the solution Deliver a digital storefront fast and jumpstart your digital commerce journey? Discover the solution
Digital Commerce

The freedom of flexibility

Sitecore XC’s open architecture means you can easily integrate with other applications.

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One platform. All the features.

Sitecore XC combines commerce, robust digital marketing capabilities, and unmatched content management tools.

Experience Editor

WYSIWYG editor to easily make changes on the page

Sitecore® Experience Accelerator (SXA)

Quickly build a page with drag-and-drop, pre-built commerce components

Sitecore® Experience Profile™

Compiles lifetime behavior of contacts that have interacted with your brand

Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB)

Data repository tracking all site visits, user behavior, and transactions over time

Experience Analytics

Over 80+ out-of-the-box reports to monitor traditional web metrics

Campaign Creator

Step-by-step tool for creating, publishing, and reporting on multichannel campaigns

Inventory management

Manage online-to-offline stock for all your stores, warehouses, and websites

Promotion management

Extensible and robust promotion framework with many prebuilt promotions

Mobile commerce

Built-in responsive and adaptive layer for seamless mobile commerce

Catalog management

Manage and sell digital and/or physical goods, even in the same order

Pricing management

Create and manage prices for products and product bundles


Optimize every experience with simple or multivariate testing

Path Analyzer

Tracks every user journey path to determine what's working and what's not

List Manager

Manage large dynamic lists to accurately deploy marketing campaigns

Sitecore Mobile API for Xamarin

Portable Class Library (PCL) that lets developers work with items and fields


A user-friendly way to collect visitor data or customer registration

Sitecore Cortex®

Out-of-the-box or customizable machine learning architecture


Works with multiple search tools including Solr, Azure Search, and others

Multilingual content

Manage translation, localization, and governance for global shoppers

Integration framework

Easily integrate Sitecore XC with any other applications for connected customer experience

Order processing

Manage and process orders with support for integration to shipping & payment systems

Media Library

Manage product and content images, documents, videos, and audio files

ERP integrations

Prebuilt connectors to popular ERP systems for quick time-to-value

Customer management

View and update customer information including profile, entitlement, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

Integrate data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail with Sitecore XC

B2C and B2B

Flexible to support multiple types of businesses, with many available extensions from partners

Sitecore Universal Tracker

Capture interactions online and offline on any device in any state

Limitless flexibility

Easily extend and enrich the application with custom or 3rd party plugins

Device Detection

Detects visitor device details and locates them based on their IP address

Sitecore add-ons

Ensure a cohesive experience across channels

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Sitecore Content Hub

Streamline your content marketing operations

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