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Machine learning

Sitecore Cortex®

Get deeper insights about your customers, new segments, and potential revenue opportunities with the powerful machine learning included in Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP).

How Sitecore machine learning helps you see more clearly

Easily turn large amounts of data into actionable insights with Sitecore Cortex®.

Machine learning

Personalize smarter

You have huge amounts of customer data. How do you make sense of it all?

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Game-changing personalization

Use Sitecore Cortex® to analyze massive amounts of user data. The algorithms then extract insights, offering recommendations on content and how to cluster similar data.

Next-level optimization

Receive suggestions of personalization tactics to fine-tune your content to your customer segments.

Sitecore Cortex is natively built into Sitecore XP’s A/B testing feature.

Uncover new business opportunities

Find new customers and revenue streams with continuous data analysis.

Increased potential

Detect potential new customer segments and increase sales potential: Cortex automatically scans for meaningful data point combinations, sequences, or progressions.

Predictive outcomes

Harness the power of machine learning to quickly predict what your customers are likely to do next. React to patterns and trends to improve your results.

Automated intelligence

Machine learning continuously gets smarter as it combs through the constant flow of data from the web, social media, mobile, email, IoT, and more.

Scalable data processing

Get meaningful results from huge data sets in real time, without sacrificing performance.

Powerful analytics

Connect all the dots with enriched insights about your customers, thanks to the incredible power behind Sitecore Cortex.

No performance bottlenecks

Seamlessly process large amounts of data, including customer data, site interaction data, and third-party device and location data.

In-depth processing control

Your IT team will love getting hands-on control of how data is processed. They can increase the scale of parts of the system, manage timing, and more.

Better results in less time

Automate content tagging with machine learning, letting marketers focus on value-adding activities.

Increased efficiency

Eliminate the labor-intensive and costly task of tagging content for internal and external search. Machine learning does it for you once you’ve set up your taxonomy.

Enrich experiences and SEO

Outsmart your competitors with more effective tagging. Sitecore Cortex works with Open Calais to make it easier for visitors to find the information they’re looking for. An API that uses natural language processing to automatically tag content and create rich semantic metadata.

Use your own algorithms

Enjoy total control by seamlessly integrating your preferred algorithms.

Extraordinary flexibility

Use custom-developed algorithms and popular machine learning engines, like Microsoft Azure and IBM Watson®. With Sitecore Cortex, you get flexible options.

Deeper insights

Combine the intelligence of your favorite algorithms and engines with the power of Sitecore Cortex. Gain deeper insights into meaningful leads and new segments.

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Motoring and member services leader increases sales and brand halo effect using machine learning.

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