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The Sitecore® Mobile Experience

Optimize the mobile experience as your customer travels from their laptop to their smartphone, from an email message to a social media campaign.

Best of both worlds

The Sitecore® Mobile SDK and Xamarin are two accelerators that can help web developers quickly build native apps for all top mobile platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Mobile. Together these tools give Sitecore developers a best-practice productivity solution. They let mobile app developers access the familiar Sitecore environment and, through Xamarin, deploy compiled native apps to all major mobile platforms in a streamlined way.

Developers can choose a platform-specific variant of the Sitecore Mobile SDK, or use it in conjunction with Xamarin to simultaneously address iOS, Android, and .NET mobile devices. 

Specifically, Xamarin lets Microsoft .NET developers use C#, their preferred programming language, to write mobile app functionality that uses content from Sitecore, and "paint the glass" of the mobile screen with creative content from Sitecore. Xamarin integrates with Visual Studio, instantly recreating the familiar Sitecore web development environment. The combination of Xamarin and the Sitecore Mobile SDK provides developers the framework to build rich mobile features using content from Sitecore. The sum of the two tools can give mobile app developers the best of both worlds.

WCMCaseStudy streamlines mobile app production
The Wyanoke Group engaged Sitecore Platinum Partner Arke to consolidate 100,000+ news articles from 35 websites into one “single lens” portal with the Sitecore® Experience Platform™. With this approach, Sitecore enabled production of a separate app delivering content for each medical specialty, using a single code base and requiring App Store approval only once. The new combined website achieved key performance indicators, with three million page views per month.
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Key features

  • Lets you manage your mobile application’s content directly from within Sitecore

  • Enables building native iOS and Android apps in Visual Studio using C# in Xamarin

  • Delivers a “write once, deploy many” environment that lets you update app content without having to re-submit the app to the online store where users download it

  • Works with both the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) and the Sitecore® Web Experience Manager (WXM)

How it works

Content stored in Sitecore can be used not just for your “big screen” and mobile websites, but also within apps that your developers or partners build.

How you buy

The Sitecore Mobile SDK comes free of charge as part of your license with Sitecore XP or WXM. You can download Xamarin for free directly from that company.

Sitecore Mobile Experience solutions in action

How the Sitecore Mobile SDK works.
Getting started to build a session.
The .NET Portable Class Library lets you target a set of platforms.

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