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Sitecore® Print Experience Manager

Print is no longer static. Now you can bring the power of contextual intelligence and omnichannel automation at scale to dynamically target and deliver highly personalized content.

How we deliver personalized print assets

Your digital publishing channels play a key role in supporting a connected, contextual customer experience. By integrating print with all other channels, Sitecore Print Experience Manager (PXM) ensures your message is always in sync with where your audience is on their journey with your brand.

PXM works with Sitecore® Experience Manager and the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ and shares virtually any content from your Sitecore environment with Adobe® InDesign®. You benefit by eliminating duplicated effort, endless revisions, and human error.

If your designers know Adobe® design tools—such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe® InCopy® —they can use Sitecore Print Experience Manager. Seamless integration between Adobe® InDesign and Sitecore PXM ensures changes made in one system automatically appear in the other.
How Uponor reduced print production times by 86%
With an aggressive multichannel strategy, Uponor created an online version of its print product catalog by connecting real-time, web-based product content directly with print design software, using Sitecore’s Print Experience Manager. With help from its Sitecore implementation partner, Aware Web Solutions, Uponor reduced print production times by 86%, with a totally new print catalog ready within 30 days. Going forward, the 150-page print catalog is perfectly positioned to be individually personalized for customers.
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Key features

  • Streamlines the collateral production process
  • Uses familiar Adobe InDesign tools
  • Maintains brand consistency across channels
  • Enables business users to customize print
  • Enables bidirectional editing capability between InDesign and the Sitecore platform

How it works

PXM connects Sitecore’s Experience Manager or Platform with Adobe InDesign, allowing users to share content between the web and print worlds while extending all the great Sitecore functionality (versioning, workflow, language translation, etc.) to the InDesign desktop.

How you buy

Offered in two bundles: PXM Base includes two InDesign connectors and Sitecore connectivity; PXM Premium includes five connectors, the ability to automate and personalize documents (with Adobe InDesign Server), and browser-based editing.

Print Experience Manager in action

Sitecore becomes the repository for all creative content.
Sitecore Workflow extends to Adobe InDesign document production.
Seven panels in Adobe InDesign provide views and interactivity with Sitecore.

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