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Stackla for Sitecore® UGC Connector

Turn user-generated content into valuable marketing assets. Easily aggregate, curate, and incorporate social content to engage audiences, inspire loyalty, and drive ROI.

Stackla: the leading user-generated content (UGC) platform at the heart of brand marketing

For a marketer, nothing is better than the customer amplifying a message, showcasing loyal support, or inspiring other potential consumers with positive endorsements. With Stackla and Sitecore, marketers can aggregate and curate fresh, user-generated content from over 25 sources—including every major social network, top video sites, RSS feeds, and direct user uploads—and then publish the curated content to live event screens, websites, mobile apps, ads, competition hubs, and/or data visualization displays.

By combining Stackla’s artificial intelligence-based UGC expertise with the Sitecore® Experience Manager (XM), Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP), or Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC), Sitecore customers can dynamically display authentic, relevant customer-contributed content at scale across all your digital experiences, while discovering, curating, and associating UGC directly with each visitor’s profile in Sitecore. The combination of Stackla and Sitecore provides marketers with two major benefits: fresh, real-time user-generated content as well as rich customer data aggregated iteratively, over time, for critical insights.

Harness user-generated content with Stackla

Discover – Find relevant content from 25 social sources by #hashtag, keyword, page, profile, or even geolocation.

Moderate Automate content moderation with smart rules, whitelists, blacklists, and bad word filters.

Curate – Sort, categorize, and tag content with rich metadata. Link to product SKUs and overlay with CTAs to drive action.

Key features

  • Create Stackla UGC display widgets and embed social content directly within web pages using Sitecore admin tools
  • Personalize Stackla-curated content that is pushed to each user from Sitecore’s  web content management, digital marketing, and e-commerce solutions
  • Use Stackla to discover what users are posting on social media about your brand and feed the information back into Sitecore.

Stackla in action

See what people are saying about #sitecore on social media. Content aggregated, curated, and moderated by Stackla together with the Sitecore Experience Platform.

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Stackla for Sitecore UGC Connector

Stackla for Sitecore UGC Connector

Download the Stackla for Sitecore® UGC Connector product brochure to learn how it helps take personalization to a new level across Sitecore and Stackla platforms.

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Deliver UGC at scale
Press Release

Stackla and Sitecore partner to deliver UGC at scale

Sitecore and Stackla announce an expanded partnership to offer Stackla software with the Sitecore Experience Manager, Sitecore Experience Platform, and Sitecore Experience Commerce.

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Learn more about integrating Stackla with Sitecore

Get in touch with our expert team to learn about how user-generated content can work for your business.

  • See how the Stackla connector works with the Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Learn about the powerful aggregation and moderation tools available
  • Understand how you can use UGC together with Sitecore Experience Profiles

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