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Customer intelligence

Take data-driven marketing to a whole new level by tracking every customer interaction with your brand.

Contextual intelligence shows your customers you know them

You can’t market in context without, well, context. You need up-to-the second information about where your customers are and what they’ve viewed, opened, clicked through, or bought from your brand. A single marketing repository of customer interaction data, the Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB) is a key feature of the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP).

Features and benefits

Combined with the power of our market-leading web content management and the automation in our cross-channel delivery tools, xDB’s customer intelligence helps you deliver a memorable experience tailored to individual wants and needs to more effectively engage customers in the process.

Collects data from everywhere

The Sitecore xDB collects and connects all customer experience data (even from your CRM) down to the individual level in a single big data repository. Whether interaction is from known customers or anonymous prospects, on Sitecore-based or non-Sitecore-based systems, it’s captured and collected in one place.
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Creates a complete customer profile

As xDB collects customer interaction data, Sitecore XP creates a profile of each individual, called the Experience Profile® (xProfile™). xProfiles become richer with each interaction, learning who your customers are (once they fill in a form), their location, what they buy, what they click on, how much time they spend on site, and much more.
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Enables testing and optimization

xDB’s holistic view of customer interactions delivers comprehensive detail so you can better test and optimize for true performance marketing. A/B and multivariate testing, goal tracking, and path analysis reveal where campaigns, channels, and traffic sources are underperforming for which demographic or segment.
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Analyzes the value of customer experiences

Because xDB is capturing interaction data, it allows you to measure the value of that interaction—or engagement—for its contribution to your marketing objectives. Once you score interactions, our Engagement Value Scale lets you quickly understand how channels work together to drive engagement.
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Tracks visitor paths

Sitecore xDB connects the interaction dots and provides maps that reveal visitor journeys through your site. The Path Analyzer tracks how contacts interact with your content on a large scale, and the Page Analyzer shows you the paths to and from specific pages on your website on a smaller scale.

Leverage your data at scale

Sitecore xDB is built with flexibility in mind. It works with either MongoDB or SQL Server sharding to support high volumes of data and flexible record structures, so Sitecore xDB can scale out smoothly as the volume of experience data grows, with no limits.

Additional features

Contextual content

Sitecore recognizes when a registered user comes to the site, and [it] uses custom algorithms to automatically present contextually appropriate content based on their [Microsoft] Dynamics profile.

Eric Stoll, CEO of Platinum Implementation Partner
Arke on the work his firm did with The Wyanoke Group’s
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How to buy

When you purchase the Sitecore Experience Platform, xDB comes with it. Only with the platform and xDB are you able to gather contextual visitor intelligence in one place.

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