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Centralized customer interaction data

Sitecore Experience Database

Smash data silos and get a full 360° view of every customer with Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB), the cloud-ready, big data repository included in Sitecore® Experience Platform™.

Collect and leverage customer data to drive personalized engagement

  • Collects interaction data from all channels
  • Stores data for each individual customer, over their entire lifetime
  • Powers smart personalization, testing, and optimization
  • Shows you the value of visits and how people are navigating through your content
  • Runs on your server or in the cloud, with huge storage capacity

Gather cross-channel data in one place

Your customer data is scattered. How do you combine all your sources?


Consolidate omnichannel data

No more data silos. Sitecore xConnect™, the built-in API, grabs data from anywhere. Sitecore’s API framework that lets you export and import data from any source into xDB. Think website visits, ERP, CRM, customer service, third-party data, apps, AR/VR, and offline sources such as in-store visits.

Enrich and analyze your data

Fine-tune your personalization with data imported into xDB from any source. Easily export data for profiling and performance analysis.


See the full picture

Get an end-to-end perspective on customer interactions and audience-segment insights across touchpoints with deep data to inform marketing efforts.

Build a comprehensive customer profile

How can you use data-rich profiles to understand your customers?

Individual profiles

Generate a rich profile for each individual customer in real time in the Sitecore® Experience Profile™ (xProfile™). Visits, campaign responses, content viewed, actions completed, demographics, and the customer personas they align with are all captured in xProfile.

Continuous learning

Learn more about your customers over time. xProfile tracks and remembers every interaction with your visitors across channels and throughout their lifetime. With this customer data, you can craft a customer-centric experience to drive impact.

Profile matching

Understand how each visitor fits into your known customer patterns so you can predict the best solution, product, or service to fit their need.

Track engagement

Gain insights into individual customers, and see their personal journey, in a single view with our easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Fine-tune with testing and optimization

Easily test your content to make sure it’s effective.

Stunningly simple testing

Create tests from the same place you create and edit content, while also getting automatic suggestions for new tests as you go—all without IT involvement.

Personalization suggestions

Find out which versions of content perform best for which segments, enabling blazing fast time to market on your personalization.

Test, optimize, repeat

Run an unlimited number of tests at the same time on individual page components, entire site items, or the full omnichannel experience.

Analyze the value of your marketing efforts

Your content is on point. How do you measure your return on investment?

Measure marketing efficiency

Easily track standard web metrics for each digital channel.

xDB shows you everything, like visits, patterns, downloads, conversions, and more.

Understand Engagement Value

Know how your channels work together to drive engagement. The Sitecore Engagement Value Scale pinpoints the value of each interaction toward your marketing objectives.

Customize your reports

Get all the information at your fingertips with more than 80 standard reports. Or, customize your dashboards for what matters most to your business.

Prioritize the right people

Focus your resources where it counts. Compare interaction patterns in xDB against Engagement Value to see where you should concentrate your efforts.

Drive effective segmentation

Filter analytics by target audience segment. Report on segment performance and drive deeper site, ​email, and omnichannel personalization ​by audience.​

Track how people interact with your site

What does your customer journey actually look like?

Path Analyzer

See how visitors are navigating through your content, letting you optimize inefficient content and lead them to a desired outcome faster.

Page Analyzer

Drill down to specific pages: see how visitors are arriving there, where they’re going next, and even their individual profile.

Valuable insights

Maximize your marketing investment with a true understanding of the customer journey. Know which paths have the highest value, and which paths need to be improved.

Tackle data security with flexible technology


Compliance with privacy laws

Safeguard customer data with encryption at rest and in motion. xDB also supports your compliance efforts with PII laws and GDPR data rights.

Industry-leading interoperability

Work with your data in a way that makes sense for you. Sitecore provides a robust set of open APIs, enabling you to import, export, and customize data and their pipelines.

Fast and flexible technology

xDB runs on a range of options including MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure, for hosting on your server or in the cloud.

Dine Brands

Understanding customer behavior to offer personalized, emotionally resonant experiences

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