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Marketing automation with Sitecore XP

No more fragmented conversations. Create targeted and relevant communications leveraging all your visitors’ data, while reducing the manual efforts required.

Better conversations and in-context interactions

  • Execute campaigns with automated content or experiences
  • Craft relevant conversations using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Streamline content, interactions, and responses across all channels
  • Nurture customer relationships for greater customer lifetime value

Get one-to-one with your customers

Learn how marketing automation helps you build a relationship with Matt.

Adapt your communication

Matt learns about your brand through multiple channels.

Tailor the experience

Decide how Matt’s activities will direct his next interaction with your brand.

Build a richer profile

When each step of the conversation is more personalized for Matt, it becomes more valuable for you.

Add context to every interaction

Customize content and automate campaigns to build a relationship with Matt.

Continuity across channels

Keep the conversation going, no matter which channel or device Matt uses. Sitecore XP keeps track of every interaction, providing omnichannel continuity.

Defined goals and actions

Analyze Matt’s behavior and define what will automatically happen if he clicks on a particular page or fills out a form. Get granular control of which actions trigger which communications.

Campaigns get personal

Matt fills out a form to download a PDF. This enrolls him in a customized automation campaign, sending him targeted emails with timely offers.

A single comprehensive platform

One connected platform supports all your cross-channel marketing activities.

Silo-free system

Say goodbye to the single-channel automation and siloed systems you’ve had to work with in the past.

Central database

Engage in conversations that become more relevant at every step. The Sitecore® Experience Database™ continuously collects data—even from anonymous visitors.

Easy-to-use interface

Your martech stack—streamlined and simplified. Manage every aspect of your marketing from a single, easy-to-use platform with Sitecore XP.

MCR Safety

Empowering IT, marketing, and sales team collaboration to drive campaigns

See how they did it Empowering IT, marketing, and sales team collaboration to drive campaigns? See how they did it

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