A hybrid-headless CMS for today and tomorrow

Sitecore Omni

Enjoy the full flexibility and reach that a headless CMS delivers, without sacrificing any of the powerful marketing features you need.

No-compromise headless meets personalized content

  • Create content once and display it across all devices and channels
  • Get scale, flexibility, and consistency with extractable, decoupled content
  • Embrace new channels like IoT, VR/AR, and more to grow your business
  • Leverage advanced features like personalization, testing, and analytics

Track and personalize

Get a 360° view of customer interactions and personalize your communications.

Track online or offline, anywhere

Comprehensive behavioral tracking retains online and offline customer data across all devices.

Aggregate and analyze

Easily capture, collect, and analyze valuable data that enables personalization. Get data from customer interactions with websites, apps, retail kiosks, and more.

Execute personalization goals

Sitecore’s API supports delivery of dynamic content, meaning you can deliver personalized content to almost any device or browser.

Always-easy content customization

No sacrificing key marketing abilities such as content editing, preview, testing, automation, and optimization.

Headless that works for everyone

Straightforward for marketers. Consistent for customers.

Embrace emerging devices and channels

Work with the industry-leading CMS that’s been headless from Day 1. As the pioneer of the item-based headless CMS, Sitecore makes everyone’s job easier. Stores content as items. For example, a component’s headline is stored as item 1, the image as item 2, and the body copy as item 3. They are then reassembled to support different devices, formats, and touchpoints.

Deliver to any device and channel

Deliver optimized content to customers on any channel with our always-open API. If it’s digital, Sitecore’s headless CMS can run on it.

The best of all worlds

Headless doesn’t just deliver your content to any device or channel—it allows you to control the presentation in order to create beautifully rich experiences.

The hybrid headless that’s flexible for developers

Marketers and developers can now work together to create brand experiences.

Use the tools you know

Developers can build the look, feel, personalization, and functionality of user experiences using tools they already know, thanks to Sitecore’s JavaScript Services (JSS).

Develop right out of the box

Developers can craft a full range of headless applications using Sitecore GraphQL—no Microsoft .NET or Sitecore back-end expertise required.

Scaling and deployment made easy

Implement with speed and flexibility on any platform that runs JavaScript.

Easy access for developers

Developers of next-generation JS apps can connect with Sitecore in headless mode with little or no knowledge of Sitecore. Developers can use any IDE, OS, or development workflow.

Get to market faster

IT teams and developers can import and manage JavaScript apps and benefit from fast, flexible hosting and deployment, using our self-contained solution package.

Integrate with minimal effort

Automatically integrate your app to Sitecore’s back-end. Sitecore Omni™ generates any necessary artifacts for you.


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