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Take back control of your content

“Headless” doesn’t have to mean marketers lose control

What you need to know

Delivering an exceptional customer experience beyond the web is key to optimizing conversions and revenue. Your audience is everywhere. Headless CMS architectures ensure your developers can get you set up quickly to reach them with rich experiences on mobile apps and newer channels like IoT and virtual reality devices. But headless systems can come with a tradeoff—make sure you don't lose the ability to personalize.

Cross-device content consumption is king

Marketers must ensure their brand experience remains consistent and seamless across all platforms.

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Headless in action

When these companies faced challenges reaching and engaging specific audiences, they used headless implementations to decrease time to market and empower marketers with control over content. Download the story of Swedish beauty products company Oriflame and their use of a headless approach to extend their reach.

How they did it

Headless CMS vs. non-headless?

Download our white paper to find out everything you need to know about headless CMSs—and how to make the right decisions about your content delivery architecture in a multi-device world.

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What you need to know about Headless CMS

CMS terms to know

Learn more about Sitecore’s headless CMS platform

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