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Gain speed and personalization with Sitecore JavaScript Services

Decoupling content from presentation since the beginning, Sitecore now delivers the only personalized headless CMS option

Create content once, use it everywhere

Your audience is everywhere, and you can quickly reach them with purpose-built rich experiences on mobile apps and IoT-connected devices. But what’s exciting about Sitecore’s new JavaScript Services is that you can now support a marketer’s need to collect interaction data or personalize the experience.

Introducing Sitecore JavaScript SDK

Sitecore’s CMS is uniquely designed from the ground up for the modern multichannel world—with an architecture that allows marketers to deliver personalized content and developers to work with familiar tools to seamlessly deliver on any device. (Download PDF)

Headless CMS - the Sitecore approach

Not all CMSs are built the same

CMS architecture affects functionality, integration, extensibility, and more. Learn the basics of CMS architecture to understand how headless delivers.

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Why CMS architecture matters ebook

Learn about headless CMS architecture and how to deploy it

Headless CMS affects content, presentation, and analytics

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Technical Preview

Get started with Sitecore JavaScript Services

Find out all about Sitecore JavaScript Services Technical Preview SDK. Download it and find documentation here.

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Learn more about Sitecore’s headless CMS platform

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  • Deliver personalized content in a headless environment.
  • Continue to collect useful interaction data.
  • Deliver modern, multichannel campaigns more easily.

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