Cognigy is a global leader in omnichannel Customer Service Automation. Intelligent voice and chatbots powered by its Conversational AI platform help businesses improve service quality, reduce operational costs, and support teams across the enterprise.

Cognigy’s award-winning AI understands user intents precisely and enables natural dialogs in over 100 languages. Easily scalable and pluggable, its low-code platform automates business processes through integrations into backend systems, operates as SaaS and on-premise, and is GDPR compliant.

Key product offerings

Cognigy offers two products:

  1. Cognigy.AI: An enterprise-grade artificial intelligence and dialog management platform that automates interactions between customers and the systems and data they need to access.
  2. Cognigy Voice Gateway: Deploy virtual voice agents for automated phone conversations.

What can you build with Cognigy.AI?

  • Chatbots on your website can capture information about users and provide them with personalized information through a conversational interface.
  • Automated conversations on channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp allow companies to scale their presence on social channels, providing engagement, personalized interactions and consistent messaging wherever users are in a dialog with your brand.
  • Conversational commerce creates an automated connection with users to educate them about products, assist with transactions and guide them through the commerce funnel.

Anywhere you need to scale conversations with your customers, Cognigy is the perfect solution. Cognigy’s pre-built integration with Sitecore’s content repository allows customers to take advantage of all the existing assets developed for web, mobile and social channels and bring them into automated conversations.

Cognigy Voice Gateway

Cognigy Voice Gateway brings the power of Cognigy.AI to the phone. While voice has been and still is the primary channel for most customer service interactions, customer expectations have changed. Rather than the lengthy, hierarchical menu systems offered in traditional phone trees, Cognigy provides a natural language interface so that callers can use their own words to express their needs and accomplish their tasks.

The Voice Gateway connects to any existing contact center platform or telephony system. For the first time, you can bring the latest Sitecore content into your calls with customers, ensuring your messaging is current and approved by content owners.

Cognigy’s Headquarters is in Düsseldorf, Germany, with offices in the UK (London), USA (San Francisco) and Australia (Sydney).

Learn more at cognigy.com