commercetools is one of the world's leading vendors for cloud-based commerce technology. We deliver Commerce as a Service to Sitecore to support mid market and enterprise class B2B and B2C businesses. Our approach allows you to deliver enterprise class commerce experiences to your customers through Sitecore and inject the exact commerce functionality you need directly into your solution through our REST API without your developers having to know anything about the commerce platform. We provide marketers unlimited creativity without commerce platform limitations and your existing Sitecore developers can now deliver Enterprise class commerce solutions with little or no training. Both billion dollar enterprises and mid-sized enterprises benefit from this approach because there is a single commerce API across every user endpoint and connecting all back-end systems. This maximizes your investment in Sitecore and your development team. Our unique pay-for-use model delivers better ROI than any other model with zero up front license fees. Customers have access to the entire platform but pay for only what they use.

commercetools was founded in 2006 and supports over 50 global, market-leading customers like REWE, BRITA and Red Bull. With offices located in Munich, Berlin and New York City, our team currently consists of about 100 people.