CyberSource helps businesses operate with agility and reach digital commerce goals by enhancing customer experience, growing revenues and mitigating risk.

Key product offerings

Available on the Sitecore integration

Global payment processing

  • Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro, Carte Bleue, Dankort, Elo, Union Pay, and more
  • Visa Checkout – PayPal Express Checkout
  • Global Tax Calculation

Fraud management

  • Decision Manager
  • Device Fingerprinting
  • Decision Manager Replay
  • Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • Card Verification Number (CVN)

Payment Authentication

  • Verified by Visa®, MasterCard®, SecureCode™, American Express SafeKey®, JCB J/Secure
  • Rules-Based Payer Authentication (RBPA)

Payment Security

  • Payment Tokenization
  • Secure Acceptance (SAQ A and SAQ A EP Levels)

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CyberSource cumulative solutions

Payment Processing

  • Cross-Channel Payments
  • Gateway and Processing Connections
  • Payment Cards
  • Mobile Payments
  • Alternative Payments Suite
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Rules-Based Payer Authentication
  • Global Tax Calculation
  • Recurring billing
  • Account Updater
  • CyberSource Payouts

Payment Security

  • Secure Acceptance
  • Token Management Service

Fraud Management

  • Decision Manager
  • Decision Manager Replay
  • Rules Suggestion Engine
  • Managed risk services
  • Account Takeover Protection
  • Rules-Based Payer Authentication
  • Loyalty Fraud Management
  • Fraud Alert
  • Delivery Address Verification
  • Export Compliance

CyberSource is a global, modular payment management platform built on secure Visa infrastructure with the benefits and insights of a vast $427 billion global processing network.  CyberSource can help merchants:

1. Grow sales and succeed in digital commerce 

Payment acceptance capabilities play a vital role in gaining and retaining a competitive edge. CyberSource payment acceptance solutions help businesses expand into new global regions, meet consumer expectations for new digital commerce experiences.

  • Enable digital payment acceptance and payouts across channels and across the world, eliminate checkout friction/enhance conversion, support payment types for local markets to extend reach
  • Deliver seamless, cross-channel immersive experiences and get a full view of customer purchasing activity regardless of channel  
  • Increase authorization rates by improving data exchange amongst payment stakeholders 
  • Provide data and insights to inform business growth and measure ad spending across channels 

2. Mitigate risk and reduce cost of payments

While increasing sales is a top priority, businesses must also work to mitigate risks. They must protect sensitive customer information even as they strive to make payments easier and faster across channels. 

  • Protect brand reputation by securing customer data allowing businesses to operate without handling sensitive payment data, data is vaulted in secure Visa data centers
  • Reduce fraud and cost of fraud while protecting revenue and customer experience enabled by comprehensive fraud management services; from account creation to fraud screening and  tuning of fraud strategy
  • CyberSource platform runs on secure, reliable, scalable Visa infrastructure so businesses can be assured of uninterrupted service 

3. Be Agile and succeed in digital commerce

To stay competitive, businesses must be able to introduce new, secure payment experiences quickly and efficiently. They need ways to minimize the time and costs of implementation, and reduce the complexity of ongoing management. 

  • Add/switch payment types/token types/processors on demand
  • One Integrated Platform of modular services: manage payments ops across channels, geos, lines of business via one platform with the flexibility of adding and dropping these components/modules depending on the business need and priorities. This provides businesses the agility to shape their payments portfolio knowing that whether they choose to adopt the entire solution set end-to-end or just its components, all modules will always work seamlessly together.

Target market

  • Customer Type: B2B and B2C 
  • Regions: US/EMEA/APAC/South America/175+ Countries/territories
  • Customer Size: Mid-Market/Enterprise
  • Verticals: Solution Partners/SIs/ Traditional Commerce Platforms/ ERP/Accounting B2B/OMS and Fulfilment Platforms/ Subscription Management/Billing/Integrated Commerce/Travel/Parking/Transit/Event/Learning Management/Content/Doc Management/DXP/Insurance and Healthcare

Accept payments in more than 190 countries in 137 currencies. Get funded in more than 40 currencies. 

CyberSource is headquartered in the United States and maintains offices throughout the world, with regional headquarters in Singapore (Asia Pacific); Tokyo, Japan (Japan);  Miami, U.S.A./Sao Paulo, Brazil (Latin America and the Caribbean); and Reading, U.K. (Europe/Middle East/Africa).  CyberSource operates in Europe under agreement with Visa Europe. For more information on CyberSource please visit www.cybersource.com or email [email protected].

CyberSource is supported in 175+ countries- Visa is headquartered out of Foster City, CA.