FuseIT specialize in Sitecore to Salesforce integration. The FuseIT team includes the world’s leading Sitecore and Salesforce MVP level certified professionals. Each member is an expert in both technologies and are available to our customers, our customers’ partners and to Sitecore.

With enterprise clients around the world, FuseIT know how to effectively deliver services regardless of the business size, industry and location.

FuseIT’s premier product, S4S, is a battle-hardened feature rich Sitecore - Salesforce integration that has been proven to optimize the sales process and increase sales. S4S works brilliantly with web forms by pushing Sitecore analytics to Salesforce so the sales team can view the behavior of website visitors before they submit the form. This wealth of data presents an outstanding opportunity for the sales team to convert the current prospect and cross or up sell additional products and services. Furthermore, the team can then choose to personalize the web experience for the visitor, straight out of Salesforce.

Like Salesforce Communities, S4S can seamlessly expose Salesforce records on the website to authenticated visitors who can update and push them straight back into Salesforce. Alternatively, the Sitecore “portal” can be used to show special content to a select number of customers which can be controlled and driven from Salesforce.

S4S has many other powerful features including Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration and advanced Sitecore EXM support.

View the short S4S overview videos on our YouTube Channel or contact us for a personalized demonstration. More information is also available on our website.


S4S: Real time Sitecore to Salesforce integration with advanced form and analytics support

S4S EXM: Supports Sitecore email creation from Salesforce campaigns pushing the response statistics back into Salesforce

S4MC: Included with S4S, pushes Sitecore web form submissions to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Exact Target)

SooT: Integrates Sitecore with Micro Focus Content Manager (previously HPE TRIM)

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