Globalization Partners International (GPI) provides comprehensive website translation and localization services including:
  • Translation and Copy Writing
  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing
  • Software Localization
  • Website Localization
  • Sitecore Translation Services Connector
  • Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO/SEA/Social Media Localization)

Globalization Partners International has released a Sitecore Web Content Management System Translation Connector which enables users of Sitecore-based websites to manage multi-language websites and initiate translation workflows easily. The translation services connector enables access to GPI’s Award winning Translation Portal for an array of reports, quotes and project information.

Contact GPI for a free demo or for more information on our translation services, please visit us at http://www.translationplugin.com/ or call us at (866) 272-5874.

Globalization Partners International (GPI) is a resource for the Sitecore partner community and their customers providing website localization, translation connectors, and global search engine optimization, search engine advertising and social media localization services.

Phone: +1 703-286-2193 | Toll Free: +1 866-272-5874
[email protected] | www.globalizationpartners.com


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