Quantum Metric is a Continuous Product Design Platform that helps businesses identify and quantify the cost of bad Customer Experience. Use Quantum Metric and Sitecore hand-in-hand to turn broken user experiences into beautiful user experiences.

Key product offerings

Session Replay

  • The real power with our session replay is in the context that helps you decipher the what and why. We capture all the metadata behind the replay— like user platform, API calls, and network details—as well as dozens of out of the box events and errors, plus the custom ones you’ll configure in our UI.
  • Behind this simple idea of “see more like this,” is the ability to click once and see aggregate analytics for every customer who had the exact same experience. That’s instant and quantified visibility for errors, conversion events, and more. No more binge watching. Watch only the replays you need to.

Customer Experience Alerts

  • Alerts for customer-centric teams - most alerting tools focus on infrastructure and backend performance, Experience Alerts focuses on the customer experience.
  • One workflow, countless hours saved - No need to dive into five other systems to understand what’s happening or how to prioritize it. From an email or chat alert, easily pivot into a segment analysis, opportunity analysis, and session replays.
  • Smart and accurate detection comes standard - Done wrong, alerts become noise. Quantum Metric’s anomaly detection leverages behavioral data and historical benchmarking to ensure that when alerts trigger, it’s something worth looking into.

Mobile App Analytics:

  • The Details Matter - Quantum Metric’s capture method is so unique that we have a patent on it. The Quantum Metric SDK provides the ability to capture any native application screen or view and translate those components into familiar DOM counterparts to render them in our replay engine.
  • Single deployment, endless possibilities - With a one-time SDK deployment, Quantum Metric will start capturing an expanse of data—no future code configuration required.
  • Deploy in hours, insights in seconds - With a lightweight SDK deployment, Quantum Metric will start capturing data out of the box. More than just app crashes—capture behavioral indicators, conversion data, API performance, and more.

Page Analytics

  • Turn design decisions into revenue - Basic heatmapping is rudderless and lacks utility. Take your UX to the next level by associating page-level engagement with business outcomes and actual user sessions on web and mobile apps.
  • Visualize usage patterns for every platform - Quantum Metric Heatmaps and scroll/click maps help you identify the intent of your audience at an aggregate level. This coupled with easy pivots to deeper page analysis allows for easier decision making.
  • Element level content attribution - Quantum Metric Interactions allow you to break down the elements of your page and easily layer on any business metrics to see the down funnel impact.
  • Trend KPIs and UX impediments for top pages - With Quantum Metric Pages, teams can identify page-level conversions, isolate drivers and detractors, and benchmark behaviors by page or page group.

Performance Monitoring

  • Performance monitoring based on your customer's perspective - Tackle the client-side performance issues that matter to your customers and your bottom line. Identify issues, quantify the business impact, and view the true user experience in one platform.
  • Real user monitoring that answers business questions - Resource analysis, browser timings, and SPA timing capture are table stakes. Quantum Metric layers on session replay, powerful segmentation, and quantification to shed light on the business impact of your site optimization work.
  • Less noise and more context - Use Quantum Metric Experience Alerts to intelligently monitor page performance, outages, API failures, and more across any segment. Once an alert fires, use pre-built webhooks to inform your monitoring and incident management systems like Datadog, Pagerduty, and ServiceNow.


  • Automated path analysis and visualization on web, mobile, and kiosk.
  • Path details are automatically populated with top clicks/taps, events, and fiction points making it easy to pivot into a deeper error or behavioral analysis.
  • Pivot from any journey to a contextual Session Replay that allows you to quickly focus in on the experience of an individual customer.
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