Using Telligent’s community software you can enhance Sitecore with forums, blogs, wikis and other community capabilities to create dynamic and interactive experiences for your customers. Telligent and Sitecore have partnered since 2008 to add community experiences to Sitecore.

Telligent is a proven market leader for social software and

Telligent powers online communities for global brands including Dell, Microsoft, Oxfam, Rackspace, Sage, Sitecore, Titleist and Susan G. Komen. The most frequent use cases for Telligent include social customer service, digital marketing and employee engagement.

Similar to Sitecore, Telligent is built on the Microsoft .NET platform and can be run both on-premise or in the cloud. Telligent’s integration with Sitecore is published as an open source SDK, along with samples, on GitHub: https://github.com/telligent

Telligent can run directly within Sitecore or can run side-by-side with your existing Sitecore investment – similar to how Sitecore run their community (powered by Telligent).

If you have built solutions for Sitecore, you will immediately feel at home in the Telligent developer ecosystem. There is no limit to the amount of creativity you can apply to the community to deliver precisely what your customer is looking for. Plus, if you are a Sitecore partner, that partner-designation immediately translates into eligibility for the Telligent partner program.

Learn more about Telligent’s integration with Sitecore at: http://telligent.com/sitecore

Telligent – we build software, you create experiences.

Visit us at http://telligent.com to learn more.