Sitecore Content Hub DAM named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management Systems, Q1 2024.

Why is Sitecore Content Hub DAM considered a Strong Performer?

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management Systems, Q1 2024 report highlights the tangible advantages that Sitecore Content Hub DAM offers through our robust and developer-friendly digital asset management solution. According to the evaluation, “Sitecore’s DAM vision focuses on mastering the complete content lifecycle for all omnichannel marketing — helping marketing teams achieve higher yields, faster, in market.”

Sitecore's standout performance in the recent evaluation is attributed to our achievements in asset onboarding and repository, asset onboarding and production, asset distribution, and architecture, governance, and performance.

By consistently exceeding expectations in these key areas, Sitecore Content Hub DAM confirms its position as a strong performer in the industry, poised to deliver unparalleled solutions and drive transformative outcomes for businesses navigating the complexities of managing their digital assets. The findings of The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management Systems, Q1 2024 report not only validate Sitecore's commitment to providing cutting-edge innovation but also highlight our ability to address the evolving needs of modern enterprises, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in the digital landscape.

Why and how does Forrester Wave evaluate DAM solutions?

A Forrester Wave is a guide for buyers considering their purchasing options in a technology marketplace. To offer a fair and equal process for all participants, Forrester follows The Forrester Wave™ Methodology to evaluate participating vendors.

The Forrester Wave evaluates the most significant providers in the digital asset management landscape to help businesses and technology leaders select the right digital asset management (DAM) solution for their needs.

The evaluation is based on information gathered about product and strategy through a detailed questionnaire, demos/briefings, and customer reference surveys/interviews. Using those inputs, along with the analyst’s experience and expertise in the marketplace, vendors are scored using a relative rating system that compares each vendor against the others in the evaluation.

With today’s consumer expectations for personalized experiences now requiring precision at different stages of the customer journey, Forrester Wave recommends that marketing leaders choose DAM systems that satisfy specific criteria including:

The ability to integrate and perform at scale to drive precise consumer interactions

As larger companies require bigger, less-centralized digital teams to scale their activities, enterprise DAM solutions must integrate well with content management systems (CMSes), product information management (PIM), and creative toolkits. To successfully meet the demands of modern brands, DAM solutions must offer features like automatic resizing and scaling of images, workflow automations, and efficient management of cloud elasticity to respond to digital experience demands. Previously considered optional, these features should now be included as standard to enable brands to eliminate silos, collaborate effectively, and launch precisely tailored consumer interactions.

The ability to intelligently apply AI to manage the content deluge

By removing silos and introducing processes that encourage collaboration, marketing teams can focus on delivering innovative content campaigns. Digital asset management solutions that offer visual search capabilities and the ability to correctly identify AI-influenced assets, reduce the content deluge, lower costs, and speed up processes by improving findability.

The ability to drive more enterprise value with an expanded role of design and strategic creativity

Along with the emergence of genAI capabilities, enhanced design capabilities are driving innovation across digital experiences and digital asset management systems are crucial to unlocking this new level of design-led creative strategy.

An intuitive, unifying DAM solution

Sitecore Content Hub DAM is designed for effortless asset discovery and utilization, offering AI-enhanced search, omnichannel delivery, seamless design tool integrations, a tailored environment where assets are organized and adaptable to meet specific business needs, and personalized system architecture to respond to enterprise-specific requirements. Meanwhile, built-in digital rights management enables organizations to minimize risk and safeguard brand integrity in any region or language.

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management Systems, Q1 2024 report provides an in-depth evaluation of Sitecore Content Hub DAM. Read the report to find out why Sitecore is considered a ‘Strong Performer’ in digital asset management.

David Schweer is Vice President, Product Marketing at Sitecore. Connect with him on LinkedIn.