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Creating a customer-first experience

Wolters Kluwer is an international organization with expertise across multiple lines of business and industries. A siloed approach to its global website, however, meant that users couldn’t fully appreciate what the company had to offer. The disconnected management of Wolters Kluwer’s 280 marketing websites had resulted in fragmented user experiences, complex processes, inconsistent brand representation, and disparate data. To create a customer-first experience and make it easier for users to discover relevant content, the company needed to transform its global online presence.


Centralized and consolidated content management

Working with EPAM, Valtech, and Sitecore Services, Wolters Kluwer launched a new global website built on Sitecore DXP and Content Hub DAM, consolidating data and digital assets from 30 content management systems. Sitecore Content Hub is at the heart of Wolters Kluwer’s new website, enabling centralized and consistent digital asset and content management. As part of the project, the team built 12 different templates and approximately 85 components to create a toolset for marketers to build web pages more efficiently. Every sales and marketing asset is now managed via Sitecore. The company’s brand portal, which is accessed by both marketers and partners, is also based on Content Hub, with 50,000 images and assets migrated to the solution.


Enhanced content drives up sales leads

With consolidated data, combined analytics, and all the correct templates and relevant assets in one place, Wolters Kluwer’s 1,000 marketers can focus on creating a better visitor experience. “We now have a more cohesive global website where users can find the content they’re looking for and also learn more about Wolters Kluwer’s offerings,” commented Mike Shaw, Associate Director Marketing Technology and Operations at Wolters Kluwer.

“We’re able to build components for our marketers that allow them to create any type of web page, easily and quickly. We’re constantly pushing out thought leadership, and it’s having a measurable business impact,” he concluded. As a result of the project, the company has increased the percentage of Wolters Kluwer searches appearing on the first page of Google by 325% and increased its Domain Authority score to an impressive 89 – a 23-point improvement. Marketers now build around 100 web pages every day with greater ease and speed. The website is also helping the company increase sales, with 170,000 non-branded leads since it launched and 70 new leads every month generated via cross-pollination.